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What's the problem - Low progesterone, low dhea or low thyroid?

Hi all

I am waiting on my latest set of test results so I know what I need to try next!! Main problem apart from fatigue and brain fog is hair loss. I did have very thick luxuriant hair before hypo started so its not been a life long problem - something has triggered this.

In my endless quest to try and fiix myself I have found that I have low DHEA (very low), I have adrenal problems, although that appears to be improving due to lifestyle changes, low Vit D - also improving due to supplementation.

However hair has not recovered at all and is getting thinner with no eyebrows at all either!! Possible causes:

1) it is because I am not on right dose of T4 and T3 (I guess latest tests will give more info) 2) it is because my DHEA is so low (I may have to supplement again)

3) but one other possible cause that has popped up is low progesterone.

Lastest test result on progesterone just said serum progesterone 0.7nmol no range given. does that sound low?

Second question - if I take DHEA to get my levels up, will that aid repair of adrenals, progresterone levels and therefore thyroid uptake or do you have to invidually supplement each and every hormone?

Sorry - long questions...!


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Hi there,

hair loss can be due to so many things......also low B12 will give hair loss (as well as the things you mentioned).

I had a low DHEA reading too, my private doctor tells me to supplement 'indefinitely' with 10mg dhea sublingual so I do this.

I am 43 years 'young' ;)

is your ferritin ok? low ferritin also gives hair loss


HI there

1) Last time B12 was tested a few months back the result was 514 (range 187-883) so I am assuming that is ok as a reading.

2) DHEA yes I think I will be supplementing depending on the Thyroid test results I am waiting on. I didnt realise people could end ip on it 'indefinitely'. :-0

3) Ferritin hasnt been checked for a while - it was originally low (when diagnosed hypo) but last time it was tested it was 85 ( range 50-170) so I am hoping that is fine because its in range.

4) I am in my 40's too.

Taking Vit D and evening primrose oil as well, and doing everything but turning around 3 times, crossing my fingers and wishing the clock could turn back - its infuriating!!


Hi babe xx

Has your vit D been tested?? That can cause similar probs to hypo, as in hairloss, brain fog, aches, pains etc etc etc.

Mine is low at 47, and despite supplementing from prescribed Vit D have had no improvement.

Take care

Ann xxx


Hi Ann

Yes Vit D has been checked and after a few years of supplementing and catching some rays when possible- it has finally come up! I am now well in range at 114 (range 8--150).

I take Vit D3 and I think that makes a difference but most of all was doing some sunbathing without sunscreen for 15 minutes a day when on holiday last year! Roll on spring sunshine here!


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