Cortisol is elevated. DHEA is within range. Now what?

Cortisol is elevated. DHEA is within range. Now what?


I had my saliva test results returned today and I'm not sure what I should do. The results are shown below. Can you advise? Do I take something to reduce Cortisol? Should I see my doctor about this?

I was prescribed 25mg of Levo a few weeks back but I didn't take it until I checked my adrenals. I have in the meantime tried to remain gluten free, take Vit D3, Selenium and Magnesium in the evening. I will be taking other supplements over time.

Before starting on the Levo how can I reduce Cortisol levels? Does this mean more exercise, less stress and it will right itself? Or can I/ should I take a supplement?

This forum has been really helpful, so hoping I can get some answers.


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  • I took Holy Basil to get mine down. Unfortunately i doubt your doctor will do anything. Mine were similar to yours..very high am and the rest were high end of range. My endo just said that it is normal because it should be high in the morning and gradually decrease through the day..which is true but it still shouldn't be that high. How do yoy you have symptoms of high cortisol?

  • Hi there,

    I don't think I have symptoms of high cortisol other than having a bit of a short fuse (sometimes) with the kids. Other than that, no - not really. Did Holy Basil work for you then?

  • It did work but I was struggling to raise my ndt which is why I had to address the was causing me to have anxiety symptoms. You could try Holy Basil to see if you feel any difference but if you aren't really experiencing problems it may not be necessary?

  • I had similar results Nat, for me the T4 alone was enough to bring them down.

    I made the mistake of trying Phophatidylserine to bring the Cortisol down, the combination caused hypoglycaemia during the night and seriously messed up sleep.

  • It just didn't work like that for me. Every time I tried to raise my dose I became anxious, palpitations etc.. and just couldn't handle any stress, even normal everyday stuff. Took Holy Basil for a couple of months until I felt calmer and then tried upping the ndt again and had no problems! i stopped Holy Basil then and have had no problems since x

  • Any idea what your Dopamine / Adrenaline levels were like?

  • Not a clue sorry! Got to be honest, just trying to get my head around adrenal/cortisol stuff is difficult for me. It's all so bloody complicated :-D

  • Yes it is the hormones all effect each other. Dopamine

    & Adrenaline are easier. T3 amplifies both their effects. Dopamine lowers TSH and messes that test up.

  • Brilliant, thanks.

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