Treatment for Low DHEA Levels


I recently had some tests conducted via Geneva and I have been speaking to the practitioner about my results which have come back 'very low'. She advises me that according to Geneva, things are not at optimum and that I need to treat them.

So, my question to you guys is, what supplements do you use for treating Low DHEA levels? Is there anything that is 'good' that is available on the NHS OR will I need to source independently?

Does anyone have any info they can share on their own journey treating DHEA levels?

I don't have the results as yet in my hand but she is sending them on to me.


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  • You can supplement straight DHEA. Can't find it in the UK. This brand works well, but do have to ship it from the U.S.

    <link to USA>

    [ DHEA is a Controlled Drug in the UK. Therefore any reference to sources contravenes Thyroid UK guidelines and could well be against the law. That is why you cannot find it on any truly UK sites. ]

  • Dear TickTickaTick - thanks anyway. Shame we cant link to it now.

  • Glad you asked this question Sandra as I am also looking at low DHEA results just received from Genova. My Cortisol results have improved from 5 years ago with only the late afternoon one being low. So am pleased about that, but whereas my DHEA was just about perfect last time, this time they are low. Yesterday asked how this could be treated at H & B (do not usually use them as feel supplements are not strong enough or of good quality, but was passing). Anyway was first told that Omega 3, 6 and 9 oil was the way to go (to treat inflammation, which I feel is my problem and can be the result of low DHEA). I know you can treat with direct DHEA, but want to go a more natural route than this. Am interested to see what others reply to you. Wish you well.

  • Hi J_bee - looks like any responses will have to be via PM - see response to ticktickatick above.

  • I also have low DHEA but have decided to manage it by changing to NDT and using the CT3Method ( as well as taking various supplements especially vit C. ) I've only just started down this route as of about 4 days ago so ask me again in a few weeks how things are going!!

  • Hi Pea Pod

    What is the CT3 Method? I will need to re-introduce NDT due to low thyroid soon also

  • It is Circadian T3 Method - see Paul Robinson's website for more details. It means taking T3 containing medication in the early hours of the morning to help the adrenals work better at a time when they are working hard to produce cortisol etc. It shouldnt be entered into lightly but he gives very clear and detailed guidence on his website and in his 2 books which I would recommend if you are considering it.

  • Look forward to hearing how you get on PeaPod. Wish you well.

  • It does say that low DHEA can also be caused by Thyroid problems as well. So probably this is the thing to get right. Not much hope under NHS though!

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