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Low Blood Sugar

Has anyone noticed that they have problems with Low sugar/hypoglycemia-not sure if it's hypothyroidism or just age-I'm 56-post meno and on 50 mcg Levo.

Last year it kicked in but I was on too high a dose of Levo, maybe my adrenals were affected. if i go longer than 4 hours without food I feel very strange-light headed/ shakey etc. Prob solved with carbs etc but it rules out diets. Never had a problem with this before.

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I have solved my low blood sugar problem and it involved stopping eating fruit completely. Very hard but I reckon it's done the trick. Have you tried avoiding gluten?


I don't think it is unusual to have all these things ongoing around the same time. Sugar and white flour either of them cause a rush of insulin which leads to over working of the pancreas which leads to overworking of the adrenals which leads to overworking fo the thyroid which leads to eventual exhaustion of the entire endocrine system.

I've removed gluten (simple carbohydrate form) over the last three years and then all dairy (lactose) then all fruit (fructose). Got to loathing my life by this point and things still weren't a lot better in reality.

However, I have found that taking sugar nowadays immediately brings about irratic heartbeat, internal shivvering (like you do when you are going down with a cold) and a general over excited sensation physically.

So....probably back to removing sugar again in the near future. Even though we feel we need that lift to stop the shaking etc we must reach for something that is slower releasing really and more healthy. I've heard it said that even cheese is preferable if you are desperate in between meals.

I'm 53 and have been going through the mill since 46 and although I do beleive that the menopause hasn't helped I really do think that my system has simply run out of steam for all the normal things in life so and that accounts for al of my endocrine probs - addressing diet, supplements, sleep, exercise and so on seems then to be the only sensible way forward.

Sad but true perhaps.


Hi. I am also 56 and post meno with 22 years of being hashi thyroid, never felt well and meds between 100 to 150mg (levo) the last 5 years things got lot worse with hypoglycemia, cfs, fybromyalgia, complaints to doctor were overlooked as it was all stress (husband had cancer and just lost my mum) but I insisted on seeing an endo who after a lot of testing which first signs were hypoglycemia (light headed on standing, nauseaus and shaky) he then went on to much further in depth tests that revealed hypopituritism (several hormones out of sync) mine being adrenals, thyroid and abnormal growth hormone, as we all now if adrenals are fatiguedthis can result Iin thyroid meds not converting into cells and tsh readings misleading. Now on 30mg hydrocrtisone for last 3 months and then will work on thyroid treating by symptoms and then hopefully growth hormone.

Of course not saying everyone with hypoglycemia (have you had recent diabetes test) will have all this but it is worth a visit to endo if many probs are ongoing to see if there are underlying issues. I know stress plays a big part on health but I am angry at how easily doctors want to give you anti depressants and make us feel like its mental health and not real.


This I know only TOO well :-(

Get checked out... you may well be diabetic or at least very likely are pre--diabetic, and/or it might well be adrenal as mine was too.

It might mean you need to see an Endocrinologist, & may find it not very helpful - mine (like many others find) was useless, but you still need to go through the "mill" to check it's not something else. I was hoping I would be prescribed Metformin, but was offered no help whatsoever, it was like he had not heard of the condition, even though everywhere else in the world has.

I am still NOT diabetic's just Insulin resistance.

I was having horrendous symptoms without it having progressed that far, and even though a standard 2hr glucose tolerance test was "normal" mine was coming on just after the 2 hour test period, and when it kicked in, it was extreme! I couldn't drive or leave the house, and was in distress when out a couple of times too.

Carbs ARE the answer... but it's about NOT eating them, rather than eating them!

Reactive Hypoglycaemia - you eat carbs, produce loads of insulin, to which you may have become resistant, and after a period, your blood sugar levels go down... but they then keep on going down until you feel ill - during the night I was even getting adrenaline surges which woke me in a panic as my blood glucose dropped dramatically whilst I was asleep!

I was having to eat carbs every two hours or less to stop this happening, (even the car was full of biscuit and chocolate wrappers!) but it was progressively getting worse severely limiting my life, until I found the answer was not eating them at all!

Can't diet? You can - It is one diet you NEED.... I now live on a low carb diet to control it, (3.5 years) have lost 46Kg and generally much better, I can now eat a few carbs occasionally, but still need to watch it or I get the old symptoms back... plus I gain weight that way too!

Loads of info online eg.


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