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Low blood sugar

Hi you lovely helpful people. Just wondered if anyone has the same problem as myself.

Prior to having my TT last Feb I was having low blood sugar episodes which left me very weak and shaking, I measured low blood sugar and took a couple of glucose tablets which put things right .had been diagnosed with diabetes but had only ever needed diet control, no meds .

Since Feb I have had no episodes til this Sunday and also today . It's not very nice and catches me out if away from home. I had thought it was a thing of the past until then😞

I wondered if this symptoms is anything to do with thyroid problems and if anyone else has this problem

Thanks for any suggestions x


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I have just been posting about similar issues. I am not diabetic but have been having awful blood sugar fluctuations despite eating well. I have just been referred to an endocrinologist for the first time and am starting a series of tests. I had SST yesterday, am having a CT scan tomorrow, urine tests and a long glucose tolerance test next week. I have Hashimoto's but am not on any medication yet. The endo seemed very surprised at that so am hopeful that he may start me on something once he has worked out what is going on. He said he suspects either Reactive hypoglycemia or a benign tumour.


Hi rustysmum

What a puzzle things are sometimes.

Our bodies are wonderful when working well but these probs make life tricky

Wish you well with all the tests you are to have. Hope it can be identified and treated to help you🙂

Do you get low blood readings. I can recover with gloucose sweets x 2 rest a while and maybe something sensible to eat.

Trouble is it can happen randomly which can be awkward when in company. 😐 All wishes to you


Thank you Gcart. That is very kind of you. I am so new to this that it is very much appreciated to find others suffer with this. Have you had it long? Do you have treatment for yours ? Are you diabetic? Yes, I do get low blood sugar readings. Lowest so far is 3.1. However I feel awful even when in range sometimes. I just don't understand what is going on. Hate the heart palpitations the most!


Hi again rustysmum yes I was dx with diabetes about 10 yrs ago on a glucose tolerent test. I have never needed meds. Doesn't seem to be like others with it.

I get low blood sugars 3.? Like yourself and feel awful. I was told that I couldnt get low blood if not on medicine for diabetes !? However I stood my ground with the nurse etc and said that I did get lows.🙄

In the end I just go along for 6monthly check, always normal,!?! And jog along as best as I can. I conclude that the endocrine system is so complex and little understand by the medics😕😟 and we have to manage as best as we can. Quality of life is poor in my estimation, sadly

I had TT for cancer, all was sorted quickly and very well indeed, but it's the coping with these probl ms after that take their toll.

Hope I don't seem to negative, I am realisic and stoic on the whole.

Anyway this forum has many very knowledgeable and kind people to help and I hope you get some answers

Wishes Xx. 🙂 .


Just remembered I get palpatations also. Come and go at random.

They are awful, like you said. I just sit quietly till it stops x


Just remembered also had scan about 1 yr ago. It said on report I had a cyst? In the Pancreas . Nothing was said to me about it, I do sometimes wonder if it squirts some extra insulin on occasion🤓 🤓 Who knows!!

Hope I have not confused you more x


That is interesting about the cyst. You could be onto something there from what my endo said to me on Monday. I hate to think my life will always be like this and hope once my female hormones settle this might settle too as it all started when I started skipping periods . That was when the Hashimoto's was diagnosed too. Bodies are amazing but do have the ability to make us feel absolutely dreadful very quickly! I hope yours settles again soon for you.



Hi again rustysmum just wondered if you would share with me about the pancreatic cyst . What was said about it by the doctor u saw.?!

I have been fed up with muscle aches that I have decided to just take my T3 hormones. It's such a game wit h little guideance, except here, of course. Wondering if th e t4 is the problem. I know that I wasn't converting very well.

I have blood report to pick up later so see what I can learn from that.

You have Hashis,know little about that but guess it is very tricky.

Hope it's alright to contact you x


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