Low blood sugar?

Morning all

A bit of a random one. I've swung to hypo since a slight reduction in meds back in November (reduced from 200mcg to 200/175 alternate days) so I'm back up to 200mcg. I've noticed over the past few weeks and before the increase that about the same time each day (usually 5/530 pm) I have the symptoms of low blood sugar - shakiness, confusion, hunger etc. It does pass quite soon after taking a bit of food, but it's odd for me to have it at the same point each day.

Does anyone else ever experience this?

Thanks all x

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  • Interestingly, I get this. Always around that time too. I generally eat 3 meals a day and don't snack, so often go for 8-10 hours without any food or other source of energy, which is not a problem during the rest of the day, but at 5pm I really suffer! I generally have a glass of juice and I'm fine. Its particularly bad around my period, and I suffer migraines then too. At this time I seem to have to keep eating all day to keep the nausea at bay.

  • Hi There is a test to show this, 6 hour fasting and bloods in out patients, only , It is mainly for diabetes but also shows the unimportant low sugar. You may be borderline diabetic , autoimmune and hormonal if borderline, best to go on the correct diet and annual tests. Usual test is HB1Ac. if proves just low sugar, usually treatment is to have a carb eg a biscuit or 2, before it gets bad. meal if ;pos in 30mins. A dish of cereal is good too.

    Best wishes,


  • Thanks so much Jackie, I didn't realise diabetes can be autoimmune also. I learn a lot here!

  • hi It is one of the things with thyroid that should be tested annually. I was borderline 30 years, did everything right.it changed dramatically, all my symptoms were originally identical to thyroid. Under weight too.

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  • That is really interesting, thank you Jackie. I will make sure I push for this with my next blood tests next month.

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