10lbs lost on 5:2 diet

I have lost 10lbs in weight over 6 weeks on the 5:2 diet. This is amazing as I have either not lost any weight or put in on when doing a conventional diet.

The diet is a bit of a bore to do but not really difficult as one can comfort oneself with knowing that the next day can contain 'naughty' food. Although the tendency is to eat less on the non-fast days.

I have no way of knowing if I am enjoying the health benefits associated with this diet but I am enjoying being that little bit thinner. Although I still have 14lbs to go but am confident that I can achieve this.

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fantastic I will try to follow in your footsteps and am 'sure' you are benefiting from this :)


congratulations. It does take an effort to go on a diet but when you see results, it does encourage you to continue.

Well done.

Ive had the same results too as has my hubby who has lost a stone! He recently had his bloods done and all of them have improved on the last ones - Glucose, cholesterol down to 3 etc.

Hi Penny. Is this the diet from Horizon documentary which has 2 days out of 7 on no more than 600 cals eaten at one meal on each day. Rest of week eat normally. If so my husband and I have been doing this since November. We've both lost weight. I've lost over a stone and although have come to a standstill at present (stayed same for 3 weeks) at least I haven't put any on.


Thank you all for your positive comments. I think that almost all my friends on this one. For someone who put on weight on a diet this is so encouraging.

Good luck to one and all.



Wow! Well done! You must be very dedicated and that dedication has certainly paid off!

I have read about this diet/lifestyle and the science behind it seems to make sense. I haven't tried it yet as I don't know if I could get through a day at work with only 600 calories! Perhaps I will try 6:1 instead of 5:2 to start with until I get used to it.

Thank you for posting your success. You have given me the inspiration to try it. I have also found that I just cannot lose weight, even eating healthily and leading an active lifestyle. Perhaps this is the one to try.

Good luck with the remaining 14lb. I'm sure you'll do brilliantly :)

Carolyn x

That's encouraging. I've just started this diet as both my daughters have lost weight on it. One daughter like me has thyroid problems, altho she's losing weight slowly her body shape has definitely altered. Your comment certainly encourages me to continue with this diet

I've also lost 10lbs on this diet :) and the book is really interesting too :)

Where do I find details about this diet..?

I have wondered about this. I might try it if people are getting good results.

Hi, this is encouraging news, I would be interested to know what you have to do, I have never had a weight problem or been on a diet, but recently feel someone has pumped me up with a bicycle pump and have gone into another dress size, so what do you have to do.....

Hi Penny,well done... can I ask you a silly question? Have you got your thryoid health situation under control? I'm just asking as I've got my thryoid under control but not too sure about the adrenals and wonder whether it would be too soon to try this diet... I put on 7kgs last year with the relapse of yo-yo cravings with adrenals....thanks and well done.... it's nice to see some good news on the site !

I too have lost half a stone and my husband a stone over 4 weeks. We diet on Monday and Tuesday to get it out of the way but really it does not feel like a hard ship at all. Once you get into the swing of it and find recipes and substitutes that work for you it is fine. We have found that we naturally reduce carbs on the 5 remaining days. Just to clarify to others; it is the 'two day diet' not the fasting diet where you are restricted to 500 calories. The authors website is thetwodaydiet.co.uk

Good luck

id like to try this can someone give a few examples of what they would eat on the fasting days

Hi all.

There are lots of sites on the web about this - the 5:2 diet. A friend lent me her book on it. If you google it you will find loads of recipes and ideas.

For the women it is 500 calories per day and the men 600 calories. I cannot do the two days back-to-back so split them up and move them around according to my diary.

I am pretty lazy and don't want to fuss about calorie-counting so usually stick to the same things each time. I have variations on a scrambled egg on toast for breakfast, two crispbreads and very low fat cream cheese trianges with a smidge of marmite for lunch, plus half a banana; then a dry-fried chicken breast with asparagus and spinach for supper plus the rest of the banana. (A tip here - if you cut a banana in half through the skin the remaining half will keep for days.) I am about to try the zero noodles form Holland & Barratt.

I drink lots of water and tea with a tiny drop of milk. I don't take sugar but if I have a green tea then I add 1/2 tsp xylitol. I don't drink black coffee and normally have this really creamy so I just refrain on fast days.

To start with my fast days ended with my feeling famished and having a headache but this has now ceased and I'm fine. The other 5 days I find that I do not eat so much out of choice - I still eat cake and cream.

Wishing you success.


My hypothyroidism is nearly optimally treated on 120mcg T3 so I'm feeling fine.

Well done you :-)))). I have just bought he book.

Hi Penny. Congratulations on your weight loss! Your blog has given me hope that I too may lose weight, .. by following this eating plan... fingers crossed!! Roll on summer and let the pounds roll off x

Well done Penny. I am not sure if it would suit me as being newly diagnosed as type 2 Diabetic maybe will ask my Diabetic nurse about how it would effect me.

Hi Pollybostik, it might be worth checking with your nurse as, according to what I have read, this diet is not just for weight-loss but also has health benefits such as reducing blood sugar levels.

Hi all :)

I see some of you are wondering where you can find out more about the 5:2 diet? I've got a set of forums at 52fastdiet.co.uk which has several members with thyroid conditions who are doing the diet. The more the merrier as they say and it would be great if some of you would like to come along and offer your support and tips to those in a similar situation. I've met a lady at my local shop who has a thyroid problem and is hoping to try 5:2, so am always on the look out for tips for her.

We've also got quite a few members who have Type II diabetes who are having some success with this way of life - even some who, like Dr Mosley in the documentary, were pre-diabetic and are now well clear. I think we can all agree this way of eating is a revelation!

We're also trying to gather some stats together at the forums regarding how effective this method is for different kinds of people, so if you've kept a record of your weekly (or regular) weight loss since starting 5:2, it would be fantastic if you could come along and contribute to our stats set :D

Thanks for reading, hope to see a few of you around at the forums!

Hi Moogie, I have had a peek at some of the fora about the 5:2 but have rather gone my own way with what suits me. A friend did lend me the Dr Mosely book.

I have now lost another 2lbs taking the total to 12lbs; only 12 more to go! I am delighted and am hoping that this continues with a loss at a rate of 2lbs per week.

One tip I would pass on is not to weigh oneself after each fast day but after the second fast day. I found that the weight can yo-yo and this can be depressing when one finds that after a day of restricted eating ones weight has either not moved or gone up.

Just a quick update...I have continued to lose weight slowly but steadily. I had a couple of weeks on a cruise - oh, the food! and so put on a couple of pounds. However, after my two diet days I had lost 5lbs and so was 3lbs better off than before the holiday.

I have now lost 18lbs in total and have just another 6lbs to go.

It has really been a great diet.

I tried this diet for over a year. At first I lost a few kilos then nothing. It's good that it can work for some.

It may be that you are not optimally medicated. I found that when I was on a 'dodgy' batch of T3 I could not lose any weight at all; however, once I started on a full-strength bottle I kept losing 2lbs per week, every week. I now try and do at least on 500 calorie day per month to keep my weight stable and also for the health benefits.

Good luck.

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