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At a loss what to do

Hello Thank-you for adding me. I was told of your site and that you might be able to help me. I am 58 years old 5foot 4ins and twenty one stone. I had a portion of my thyroid removed because of a goiter several years ago. I have 200 mcg of levothyroxin daily but it doesn't seem to help alleviate my symptoms, although maybe I would see a difference if I stopped it. My weigh continues to rise. I have water retention and constant aches. Although exercise helps after I am left feeling drained and weary for hours after. I have been following a ketogenic diet since May but have lost no weight (my husband has lost over three stone) before that I was with slimming world and although I lost the usual stone I lose with any diet I lost no more although I continued for several more months. I have lost a great amount of hair. My scalp ia clearly visible and when I had my blood test results last week the nurse said my results show me leaning towards an overactive thyroid. I am at a loss what to do but need to do something. I am aware unless I lose a significant amount of weight and heal my self I shall live a life blighted with pain, limited movement and ultimately a shortened life.

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First of all, have you got a copy of your blood test results? If you post them here along with the laboratory ranges people might be able to help. You need to post TSH, FT4, FT3 (if they've done it). Thyroid antibodies and any vitamin tests.

If you don't have a copy of results then get a printout from your surgery. We need to see results to help you understand what's happening. Sounds like you may have absorption issues.


Hello Timnval

And welcome !

Please go to GP Have a full blood panel tested for Thyroid

Including testing for ANTIBODIES

To see exactly WHAT type if Thyroid problem you have

Ask him also to test for vitamin deficiencies

Test fur :-





Iron ... etc etc ..

Then ask for a printed copy as they belong to you and they are obliged to give them to you

Come back on here and print them out

( including the numbers in brackets )

Which are your lab ranges which will show where you are on their scales ...

Don't despair !

Be strong and assertive whilst at doctors .. as you are just a patient to him ....


it's your health , be empowered and do all you can to become well again

Your weight issue is undoubtedly

A thyroid issue and once you've sorted that issue ... things will begin to normalize .. including your hair and other problems

.. we've all been there and know how you're suffering .. get started as soon as you can .. cause that means you'll get better soon too ...

Best of luck Luvvie



Your rangesaremost important as they vary from lab to lab so without them we should just be guessing. Don't take what the nurse said as gospel and you can't go from being hypo to hyper but if you have hyper symptoms you can be over medication which sounds a contradiction when you don't feel well but often being undermedicated and being over medicated can feel very similar.


This sounds like you need to have full thyroid panel, including reverse T3 and perhaps the regenerus DIO2 saliva test, perhaps you have a conversion problem. It may be that the T4 med is making symptoms worse rather than better. Verywell done on your diet discipline, just awful it hasn’t had the desired effect. But once the meds are sorted hopefully the weight loss will follow. Sending best wishes and good luck in your investigations.


My advice is to do everything madge1979 told you to do only get all those vitamin she mentions right now and start taking the recommended dose right now don’t wait for the doctor - do go to the door but don’t wait until you see the doctor to start these vitamins . I would encourage the addition of one or two more supplements: Fish oil / coconut oil and digestive enzymes. The selenium and the digestive enzyme‘s will help you convert the T4 to T3 an an Enhanced way - right now - you don’t have to wait - you should start to feel better if it’s going to work for you within 10 days . If you have not gone gluten-free try that as well for six weeks to see if that will help you feel better. Almost all of us who have thyroid problems have a gluten intolerance. If you go online and search for Dr. Bergman and Isabella Wentz these are two experts on thyroid healing. is another good source. Whether it’s in the UK here in the United States we have to treat ourselves to feel better . You can be firm with the doctors and still not receive effective care. But yes, do be firm with the Dr. and be your own advocate.

Please keep us in touch and updated if any of these things work - it does help others to know.


Actually I would get vitamin levels tested first before supplements for the very good reason that some vitamins are toxic above range, ie vitamin D. Some tests won't be accurate once supplementing either so if you need further investigation you need to do that first.


Hello I'm not sure where to post my blood results. Can you advise please


You can add them to your post above. If you click on the down arrow on the bottom of your post to the right of the 'like' icon then you can change or add information to your original post. Or you can start a new thread and post them there but you'll need to give some background in order for people to understand why you're posting.




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