Anyone done the 5 2 diet did you get results?

Hi, I have had an underactive thyroid for fourteen years and been on Levothyroxine for all of that time. Even on the levothyroxine I still have very low energy. I have tried every diet going, and managed to lose a few lbs on WW and SW, although it was very slowly at half a pound a week. I have just discovered the 5 2 diet and I love it. I have only been doing this for two weeks, but I have lost 4.5lb in the two weeks, eating 500 calories on a Monday and Thursday and on the other five days, I have not counted calories at all, just ate what I wanted. I feel much more energetic, and can even stay awake after 9pm! just wondered if anyone else had tried this diet, and did it help in the long term? I am really enjoying this way of eating and would like it to be a new way of life, just hoping that it is okay with underactive thyroid. Many thanks in advance.

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  • Yes, it is successful. I've done it and only do 1 day a week now (occasionally I don't). I didn't take weight before but know I lost quite a few inches round waist/stomach It's about a year ago I began it.

    Our own Louise Roberts the PA to Lyn Mynott of ThyroidUK lost 4.5 stones I believe before her marriage late last year. She looked great.

  • Dr Mosley answers this question in Dr Mercola's interview -


  • I watched the video but missed that. Whereabouts does it come?

  • Hi chilli -red l did 5/2diet and lost 4st in a year and felt great, unfortunately have put about 12lbs back on recently but put that down to doc reducing dose in levo as tsh suppressed, so was feeling unwell, but have since got doc to increase levo so as soon as I feel well enough i will go back on it again. I think it's a brilliant diet and I found it easy to do.good luck and I hope you continue losing weight and feeling great.

  • I would love to try this but even if I am late with a meal my blood sugar shoots up, I get dizzy and 'hangry'. I'm taking 2.25 NDT. When I tried to increase to 2 1/2, got palpitations, etc so havnt increased in 12 months. My appetite is enormous but I dont need to lose weight!

  • What did you eat on the two days Chilli, 500 calories not a lot and I do get very hungry, any suggestions?

  • Thanks for replies. Joyia, I normally get very hungry too and normally graze a lot. On Mondays and Thursday's I make a green juice with cucumber celery kale green apple lemon juice ginger and a half banana and water and blend for breakfast and same for lunch, I then have chicken or fish with veg for tea. Its only two days and the other five days I eat normally, no counting calories. Feel so much better after the fast days

  • Thanks for your response Chilli I will try your receipes once I have got my head around starting this diet. Glad it is working for you.

  • Do you all think this will only work if your in the right levels?

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