Hashimoto's and Lupus - why do I always have a sore throat?

I've been taking thyroxine since 2005 and in 2012 was diagnosed with Hashimoto's (after a ultrascan of my thyroid) and Lupus. I take 125mgm thyroxine, 3mgm of steroids and 400mgm of hydroxycholorquine.

The two diseases seems to exhibit similar symptoms. My GP says my thyroid results are good and my consultant says that my Lupus is not active….yet I am tried to the point of exhaustion, my skin is dreadful and itchy my on my face, my hair is still falling out. I have a permanaent low grade sore throat and when I swallow my throat feels stiff….does anyone else get this and could it be due to my hastimotos (my GP says its not)?

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  • Your question re fatigue and other symptoms are common symptoms.

    If it is possible, get a print-out or copy of your latest thyroid gland blood test results from your surgery (we are entitled to them) and post them complete with the ranges so that members can comment.

    If you haven't had a Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate tested, ask for these to be done as the first two in particular can be deficient in hypo. Ferritin needs to be good so that it helps convert T4 to T3. Re your itchy face, you could have a sensitivity to the fillers/binders in the levo.

  • Thanks for this response. I will ask my surgery for the details of my tests. I think the itchy face could be that I am developing a lupus rash which isn't great news. Do you think the throat could be anything to do with my thyroid! Im so feed up with this rollacoaster of symptoms never really knowing whats caused by which disease!

  • I too have the same as you and also Sjogrens which is a common trio. Have you been tested for that as its a common condition to run with Lupus and Thyroid. I would also strongly suggest you cut out Gluten as it will act as an inflammatory factor to your other autoimmune conditions.

    Even if your Vit D is in the normal range it would be worth supplementing. Prof Shoenfeld the Godfather of autoimmune Diseases, especially Lupus, supplements his patients with high doses of Vit D and maintains it irradicates all his patients antibodies (thats very different to irradicating the disease) which controls the inflammation.

    How long have you been on the plaquenil? That can take a few months to kick in. I would also ask for the Brand not the generic as it seems to make a difference to some people.

  • Hi

    I've been on plaquenil for nearly 20 months (since I was diagnosed). I went gluten free last February and definitely felt that I saw some improvement until around last October when I seemed to go from cough to cold and back again! I'm still gluten free (well 95% of the time). I've also been taking Vit D for about 6 weeks and I also take Turmeric. I've been doing all this to try and avoid going on immune suppressants.

    I saw my consultant today and she thinks that the sore throat is due to lack of salvia production and has just recommended drinking more - I already drink loads!

    I've also given in and are trying some immune suppressant, Azathioprine, which I start tomorrow. I just feel that the children are missing out of a decent mum and my husband a loving wife! Do you have any experience of it? I'm taking it reluctantly and will try it for 3 to 6 months and see how its goes! It does rather feel like I've given in though.

    I can handle the joint and muscle discomfort and my hair thinning and the sore throat and cold hands but this fatigue is crippling my life and trapping me in this crap and often useless body! Sorry self indulgence over!

    Thanks agin for your guidance and experience.


  • Zoeblu how is your sore throat? Did you ever get it sorted? Did you get it to go away, if so, how?

    I have hashi's as well and I'm

    Thinking maybe sjogrens ....

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