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Anyone have a hoarse voice?


I started a few weeks ago with a hoarse voice which is quite gravelly now, I also have started with a pain on the left side of the inside of my throat when swallowing..lowest part of throat before clavicle area starts. . This is worst when I haven't spoken for a while or drank. I have no sore throat or inflammed tonsills.

Doctor has referred me and on her examination she couldn't feel any lumps.


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I used to get this before diagnosis. I could not talk for anything upto a month and it occurred 3 times a year.

Is it possible you need some more Levo or equivalent?


Yes, it comes and goes. Worse when i am tired and stressed and thyroid is off kilter

hi all yes i have the last couple of days and sore on right side back of throat been to gp today she says its the thyroid and the noduals . she took blood test today coz of weight loss been underactive 2 years now no weight gain.oh when she took blood today ended up with a raised red line on the vain she took blood from she said it was thrombosis so prescribed asprin , cheers paul

Hi - yes I get this. As Bluedaffodil said, it's worse when I get tired or stressed. Sometimes it lasts for a day or a few days, sometimes just an hour or so. I have had this for some years since being diagnosed with Hashimoto's. I am just starting a trial of T3 to go with my T4 so will see if things improve (I have the horse voice and tight feeling in my throat today).

Best wishes


Thanks for replies, I am undiagnosed at the moment but hAve many under active symptoms, this is a new one. Bloods All in ranges although borderline. Been referred to endo.

I ask as swallowing and talking is painful and wondered if this is normal and is there anything I can do to ease it?

Tia x

My voice goes hoarse when I am tired.

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It's alwaya good thing to get a hoarse voice checked out with an ENT check as it is not always thyroid. I put off telling my doctor that I had it because I assumed itwas my Hypothyroid condition and three months later when I was referred it turned out to be a nodule on my Larynx, benign thank goodness but it's always better to check.

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Thanks, my doctor did say is I am still,like this in 10 days Togo back and I will be urgently referred.

I have noticed today it's worse, when I try to speak and look up its really husky, and then changes when neck normal angle, I'm getting a little concerned really, I can't feel anything but then I am overweight so probably hinders any physical examination. :-(

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Your weight will have nothing to do with any examination, that is done with a little tube that goes up your nose and down to your voice box so they can have a good look. I have had it done with no anaesthetic many times but you can have a spray or a gel to make it more comfortable.

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Thanks for the reply, the doctor had a feel of my neck, not had any cameras done. I am still hoarse and discomfort when swallowing so think I will give it another week then go back.

I have posted the same thing, I am going to see the ENT so we will see,but I am also going to mention possible spasmodic Dysphonia and see what they say. Like you I had a soreness on the lefthand side, but my GP says she cannot feel anything and doesn't think it is anything nasty. last time I lost my voice like this was in 2007 and I went 7 months without any real treatment, as the ENT could not find anything, I suspect it was SD then too. I was told not to drink anything with caffine in it, no alchol, tea or coffee, but to drink plenty of water. I hope you get to see the ENT soon, they are pretty quick at getting an appointment.

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