I am feeling totally frightful and it is all my own fault - more fuss with hypothyroidism and my new LDN adventures

This morning I awoke in a fuss convinced that I was sitting on the loo having a long drawn out tinkle.. but realized just in time that in fact that I was dreaming, so had to do some sideways galloping at dawn to the bathroom to avert a terrible ladies accident. My unusually full bladder was a result of having slunk off around to a friend's house locally where I drank lots of wine and had to be man handled home by my husband late at night, and stuck in bed with a hot water bottle. It was after midnight and I did turn into a pumpkin!

I only had three glasses of wine - (and they may have been of a large size) - but give me one at the moment and I am anybody's. I won't be repeating this for a number of days..but to have been well enough to actually accept an invitation was great. For many weeks now, I have either ill in the house and sulking or my children have been ill, or all three of us. So going out to the doctors or various hospitals locally or in London is the main entertainment currently. I felt like a yapping terrier being let off one of those touch sensitive restraining leashes. I am now virtually over my latest infections and antibiotic reactions. Yesterday was the first day I could walk without yelping and fussing. This was immediately swapped hours later by yet another dash to the GP and to be looking after a child with cellulitis - which came on yesterday just minutes after I had said how much better everybody was.

My man offered to hold the fort, last night, to allow some pressurized steam to be let off, and I left roughly two mins later. It is pitch black where I live with no street lights, just how I like it..lots of owls flying about and endless rustling in the hedges.. I do like to cycle, but the last time I escaped there was some awful zig zagging on a folding bike that wanted to fold itself back up with me on it.. and roads surrounded by either steep banks or deep drainage ditches.. and I have at times i have been seen going up the bank by mistake only to swerve off to the ditch. Cycling was banned and I was driven to the local farm and unceremoniously dumped there. My local friend is rather wild and an expert on all living things in her vicinity. Her own husband detests horses and birds and her response over the years is to own over two thousands birds - anything from bantams to ferocious Chinese geese and turkeys with ASBO's and an ever increasing number of horses, some who clear very high fences weekly and who gallop about the fields adjacent to their rambling garden. They neigh and stamp collectively whenever he comes out of his house.

I can rely on her to sort most things, at one point having rung her to explain that my chickens legs were looking not quite right, she appeared with her hair on end in under ten minutes, hung them upside down and sprayed their feet with WD40 - a penetrating oil known to be the best cure for a particularly vile henny affliction - it worked rapidly.

Last night we settled in to local scandals, mostly it is us that feature in these, but the WI does need something to discuss locally and there are some over heated purple faced women who need tittle tattle to help with their toxic existences. We also took several trips down memory lane, including one diversion and a hilarious session discussing my own honey moon.

I did not have a traditional wedding, both he and I had one each from previous, (as in children), we were both long suffering with our exes and working for the best resolution for our children. It was quite typical at the time to have dinner, which I cooked in our abode, with both our exes there and all the children, plus their various friends, unorthodox but it worked.

Having been together for years in London, I had always joked that marriage would only possibly happen if I was up the duff with a bun in the oven, all meant tongue in cheek, having watched too many films from the 1960's and 1970's with shotgun wedding themes in them. But funnily enough I got married, in a pagan street style wedding - two weeks off dropping my daughter wearing, several layers of baby doll silk nighties, stockings in bright green covered in rambling red cherries and platform boots,, and due to the state of my health with that pregnancy, was delivered in a fur lined wheelbarrow decorated with helium balloons, whilst sipping half a pint of fresh guiness. My future husband greeted me looking very jolly and slightly sheepish wearing black tailcoats and clutching a large accordian,

We had a great time, all day and evening, and then my husband announced that it was time for my honeymoon. I was instantly suspicious as well as heavily pregnant. This particular event was in fact his old red hippie truck parked on Clapham Common, an on arrival, of course I was as sober as a nun, he was NOT. He had also not mentioned to me that a recent furniture removal job had taken place and he had not got around to clearing out the van properly. So half a van full of furniture, and one tiny bed with a heavily pregnant woman and a snoring beer fueled husband. In the morning having been woken by clouds of beer fumes, he then announced how lovely and sunny it was, and how unfortunately he had no money in his back pocket to take me out for the planned French breakfast. Just as started to consider blowing my stack a naughty and useful friend appeared and handed over some money... as they had guessed what a charming and dreadful new husband he was. We have been happy ever since, and although we did have a secret registry office do, with virtually nobody there years later... my real wedding was that one, hundreds of people, a great party followed by the birth of my daughter. I knew at age 6 that I would never walk up an aisle floating about in a white dress. Once a tomboy, (with a few moderation's along the way), always a tomboy. Although of course it is fun being a lady.

in a few days time I climb up to 3 mg on LDN. Progress is slow, I expected it to be, but change is coming...the difference is subtle, slightly better sleep, slightly better skin, when not in antibiotic allergy, no loss of my nails with the last two disabling allergies... and a loss of weight in the right direction. Unfortunately it does mean I have slightly more energy and will need to now deep clean my kitchen.

Mary F x

PLEASE continue to share this petition to help get the signatures up.. after signing, facebook, email, twitter and other websites please. It is very important to get the 15.7 billion spiraling litigation bill down - more money for services and staff, would mean less complaint in the first place. Staff are currently bullied and lose their careers for speaking out, and patients often lose their care - people power could change this. The DoH would love this paper to go away and have sidelined it... getting a high amount of signatures will force then out of that apathy!


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  • Fab! I recently have taken up drinking the odd glass of red wine having been unable to for several years. It still has its negatives but not quite as severe as your recent experience. Thank you yet again for giving me the chuckles when reading your blogs. Love reading them. X

  • Thanks, now on a very boring and long winded cleanse! Mary F x

  • Aww Mary you're a star, I know its you when I just read the heading lol. The wedding sounds wonderful chaos lol will pm you in a mo, I need urgent trip to little girls room, hubby has to get me up outta bed.

    T x

  • xx

  • Signed the petition. Thanks for the laugh - do you live in the same village as me???

  • Ha Ha x and thank for signing the petition, please do pass it around and recruit others if you possibly can x

  • Good luck with the cleaning, a glass of wine sounds more appealing lol. I do like the odd glass but it does have a negative effect on me, especially if I have more than two glasses. It's hard when you have someone filling your glass, and you are in mid conversation and haven't noticed. We live and learn. xx

  • Yes i am a naughty old bat, it has done me no harm, I don't drink very often and not very much...but turning back into a teenage rebel at age 47 is like a dose of salts, sod the mild hangover, I could not give two monkeys. Mary F x

  • I've signed the petition Mary. Have you ever thought of writing as a profession? Your good, really good!

    All the best to you....


  • ......so good you do not take life too seriously when you have so much to cope with !! Thanks for the miles of smiles. Had to take a leaf out of your book yesterday when I had a colonoscopy ! - compared with my UK experiences though I felt like a Princess in a Palace - and in a Greek Clinic too ! It was quite amazing....

    Do hope the hangover has gone and you are feeling grand .......x

  • Ta - now on a dash to have my youngest admitted to hospital, but such is life Mary F x

  • Mary, thanks again for your reminiscences. They were great as usual. I am glad too that you are having an improvement in your health , however slight, on LDN.

    Best wishes

  • Thanks, sorry for late reply, stuck - stuck in hospital with youngest with cellulitis x

  • I'm glad I'm not the only one who sometimes has to do a sideways gallop to the loo! I wish I'd been at your wedding, it sounds like great fun. I hope your youngest is ok and doesn't need to be in hospital for too long.

  • xx

  • thank you for reporting Mary and hooray for LDN, loved your wedding story :)

  • Thanks currently cooped up in hospital with my youngest with acute cellulitis! Mary F x

  • I am sorry Mary that your child is in hospital and that he/she recovers quickly.

  • Thanks... I will get a blog out of it in any case. Hopefully out tomorrow been here since Friday. Mx

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