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How does one bring up Vitamin D levels when deficient?

A Little off the thyroid subject but my husband got some tests back the other day (he did private at my urging) I am concerned and trying to sort out. He is deficient in Vit D 15.4 (30-100), B12 387 (211-911) and his glucose levels have been creeping up over the last few years and are now 116 (73-99). He quit smoking two years ago and has gained about 15 pounds since that time. He doesn't move a lot. What would be the suggestion as to vitamins and minerals to help him with his Vit D up? I can't believe his doctor has not ordered the Vitamin D test in over 3 years and he was at the lower end there. I want to help but need some guidance please. Thanks so much.

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Hi guysgrams.

From a personal point of view, I increased my Vitamin D levels by taking 10,000IU a day (I take Doctor's Best softgels) together with K2 (which must be taken with high dose D3 to avoid the calcium going where it's not needed). I take them in the morning with about 14g of healthy fats and got my levels from 85 to 208 (nmol/L) in about 2.5 months.

Your hubby's B12 level is also pretty low - I suggest he supplements with something like Jarrow Methylcobalamin sublingual tablets.

Hope this helps.




Can you give us the units of measurement for the vitamin D please. Your reference range is not the one I'm used to seeing.

For the Vitamin B12, I would suggest taking 1000 mcg per day indefinitely. There is nothing dangerous in having high B12 through supplementation. Buy Jarrow Formulas or Solgar methylcobalamin from Amazon. Stick one in the mouth between teeth and cheek and let it dissolve as slowly as possible - no sucking or chewing.

Also, take a B Complex with methylated B vitamins in it. These are the active B vitamins that the body uses much more easily than standard B vitamins. I use Thorne Research Basic B Complex, one a day. Other good makes are Pure Encapsulations. I don't know any others.


Humanbean, it says Vitamin d, 25-hydroxy 15.4 reference range 30-100 mg/nl units. We are in US.


In that case this page is perfect for you :

Look at the banner at the top of the page. It has a chart which you can use to look up the dose you should be taking to get it to an ideal level of 40 - 60 ng/ml. It suggest 6000 - 10000 iU per day to get it to 40 - 60.

Vitamin D is easily sourced on Amazon or iherb in various doses. Make sure the one you get is Vitamin D3, NOT vitamin D2. If it doesn't tell you what it is don't buy it.

When taking vitamin D your calcium levels rise. You want that calcium to go into your bones not deposit itself in other tissues. To help that process along you should take Vitamin K2 as well which can also be bought online.

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, so take it with your fattiest meal of the day.

You will need to be tested fairly regularly - maybe every couple of months? I don't know how well you will absorb it. Once you get to the level you want, reduce your dose of vitamin D to maintain it rather than increase it. You will need less in summer than winter. I take 2000 iU every day, but my vitamin D never got as low as yours. Some people need to take 5000 iU just to maintain their levels.




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