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The scandal of Staffordshire and patient's not listened to

Staffordshire and the appalling treatment of patients and staff is back in the news again. Dr Pal, blew the whistle very very early with this, bravely as a junior doctor doing the right thing and trying to get help for patients. The culture she was exposed to was awful, medical staff are often bullied out of their careers for raising serious concerns affecting the public, and as we know patients often lose their care. Dr Pal has continued to help behind the scenes with medical staff bullied or over investigated by the regulator for doing the right thing.

At the High Court the medical regulator was described as a totalitarian regime! Dr Pal lost her entire career over sticking up for the public

The paper she and her colleagues wrote is better than anything the government has come up with.

I need help promoting this paper, via signatures for the petition. The DoH is ignoring the paper, written by somebody who understands the culture and was actually there, however if the signatures reach a certain point they will be forced to read it.

How to help, well signing it of course,... AND then passing on via twitter, facebook, email, anyway you can, to get your friends, family, work colleagues or anybody to sign.


The petition has the potential for literally thousands of signatures!

Mary F x

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On the case Mary - Many thanks for this - another link people may like to refer to for information is sent to me by my sister yesterday.

She came across it, as we are in touch with AvMA Action Versus Medical Accidents a great charity which has been supporting some of the Staffordshire families through their dreadful ordeal. AvMA gave us valuable legal advice after the death of our mother in Cambs 2011.

Will be passing it on.



Thanks, and aware of these two, please do sign and pass on, if you can xx


Sorry, very bleary this morning, just read your reply again and see you are doing that.. ignore first wibbling! Mary F x


omg that is horrific, its not just this hospitol, its happening in different hospitols, it needs to stop. Them poor patients awww it makes me sick, to think that, I one day could be subject to this treatment. I seen similiary my self but not as dire as this case.



Signed and passed on,

This is another case about the care an elderly woman - another awful situation. I am sure I heard on the radio that she was left for 9 days without assistance.


Thank you: This paper would help change the culture out there far more than the lip service government one: With people power all significant organizations, institutions etc would be forced to read... from the coal face! I can't stress highly enough how much support this needs. Dr Pal is behind many of our good doctors, who help patients like us! Mary F x


and further information from today: themedicaljournalistoncall....


Thanks for that Mary have signed it, not on facebook so can't share it x


Hi, thank you so much, you can copy and paste and send it out by email, many I know are doing this today. Thanks again x M F X


Have signed this and will be sharing on facebook.


This is great, this petition could take off, as the report attached is better than the one currently released by government, thank you so much. Mary F x


Mary F thanks for sharing, will sign after posting this xx


thank you, this is just what it needs.. a fairer system for medical staff and fairer for patients..hopefully leading to better care for everybody! MF x


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