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Is it legal to get t3 without prescription?


Just wondering was thinking of trying to get it and have GP oversee me but not sure if it's legal or not and also don't want to get the wrong thing.Sorry I have broken any rules with this question x

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It is legal to purchase T3 (or desiccated thyroid) from abroad for your own, personal use. The quantity should not be excessive. Somewhere on the MHRA site (and, I think, the HMRC site) it has words to this effect.

You will, of course, only be able to purchase from countries where it is legal to do so.

In the UK, it is a prescription-only medicine (POM), so not possible to buy here without a prescription.


Thank you for that information I saw T3 on a very well known website and thought it was probably not what it says.There are too any quagmires in trying to heal yourself..

Hi, i have to buy it myself from abroad as my gp wont prescribe it omm the nhs for me bv i am under a private doctor who watches over me.

Hi Have you asked the GP for it on a script? it is expensive and a very potent drug. if you have a FT3 tet and it is low, or low in range, it should be prescribed. If not can I suggest you have a private Free T3 test, start the T3 very slowly with a repeat test after 4 weeks.You would have to admit it in hospital for your own safety.


Hi there,

I source my T3 therapy from abroad as my gp will not prescribe. Now I am keeping careful records as recommended by Paul Robson. He is a member of thyroid UK and has published an excellent book on taking T3 therapy. On contacting my local Primary Care trust I was told that my GP can request that i be prescribed T3 therapy on a named patient basis. I will use data I am collecting to bolster my case.



Did you manage to get from your doctor?

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