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Should I get tests done

HI All,

I have been diagnosed as hyper and I have been taking carbimazole for about 2 weeks.

I have an appointment with a NHS endo in the new year but I was wondering if I should be asking my GP for further tests now.

I was thinking of asking for the antibody test (to see if its graves) and vitamin D.

Are there any other tests people recommend I should take? Also is the GP likely to do them before my endo appointment?

FYI I posted my previous blood tests here (https://healthunlocked.com/thyroiduk/posts/136800040/just-found-out-i-have-a-thyroid-problem)

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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You most certainly should have tests to see if it's Grave's. And, if that's negative, tests for Hashi's.

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Just for info, have you come across this site for Graves' and hyperthyroid sufferers?


There is loads of info to read that you might find very helpful.

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I think testing for TSI or TRab for Graves is usually done by endocrinologist rather than GP. I'm not sure that the tests are available in primary practice.


ok thanks I guess I'll wait for the Endo appointment.

I take it the other tests are not worth doing? (i.e. vit D, B12, etc)


Yes they are. The body doesn't get the chance to absorb all the good stuff from food when we are hyper as our metabolism is faster than it should be. Also thyroid problem suffers seem to have deficiencies anyway.

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Thanks. Do you think my GP is likely to sanction those tests?


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