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Skin feels like sandpaper!

Evening All

Well this is a new one for me. I am 56 and have always been lucky with the skin on my face, however that is rapidly changing. Over the past few months I have noticed a gradual change. It has become easily irritated. I am developing pigmentation marks that feel rough. Patches of skin under my chin and the lower parts of my cheeks have become rough. Anybody suffering the same problems!

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i have just about given up on my skin! (along with everything else). i feel so paranoid about it that i dont like leaving the house or talking to people face to face. i would say the past year its got alot worse. i to have skin pigmentation marks especially round the mouth and eyes. my whole body feels dry and rough. the skin on my face is that dry its all cracking to the point it bleeds, worse near sensitive areas like eyebrow area, corners of mouth. i also have facial hair lip, chin ect, that causes ingrown hairs so bad (just spent £350 on a hair zapper hoping it will work) im 34, and feel like a freak, no face creams seem to work, so yes i know how your feeling. would luv to know if anyone has any suggestions on creams/remedies. suzie x


Hi Suzie

How unfair that is for you, my skin is changing just over the last few months. Isn't it depressing. My face feels irritated, if I run my hand under my chin it just feels rough almost like a rash but I can't see anything. I have a darker pigmentation mark appearing on my cheek about the size of a 50p, I have had it checked and the doctor said its my age! I don't have cracked skin, although I have read somewhere about cracks at corners of mouth as a deficiency in something, not sure what though. I have to get my facial hair removed regularly its got worse, I caught sight of my face in sunlight and I looked like a hairy peach! I exfoliate my skin when I shower but I always end up looking like I have reptile skin on my lower legs. I can moisturise every day but it still comes back. Have you seen your GP about the bleeding cracked skin it's unfair you should have to put up with it, may be you need more medication? But it's honestly so difficult as GPs are blinkered.

I tend to use Clinique products as they are supposed to be hypoallergenic. My daughter suffers from ingrowing hair, she is 31. Like you she has bought herself a laser zapper which is helping, expensive but helpful.

Hypothyroidism can steal a woman's femininity, all the things we take care of skin, hair, nails etc.

If I find an answer I will let you know, sending hugs.



...don't mean to be unkind but I think you will find the Clinique products just a little harsh. Clinique is part of the Estee Lauder Group and was created to look all clinical - aiming at the problem skins. Of course they treat all skin types . DDML was their best seller and to bring it up to date they added another product to go with it !!....rather than change it. There are lots of organic products out there - take a look at Organic Surge - could save you a fortune !

Clinique foundations - BRILLIANT ! ( so not against the co. ) x

Cracks in lips - is it low B12 or could it be low zinc ?...or both !

Circulation can sometimes affect lower leg skin quality - so maybe a self massage could help. I use almond oil....for most things including my hair !! I rub off the excess into my head and nails. The latter have always been terrible.

Maybe try using a diluted amount of fake tan on your face to blend the patch in....pop some into your daily moisturiser. I once had a brown butterfly on my neck over my thyroid - before I was diagnosed. So I used fake tan to blend it in. Once on treatment it disappeared ! Still use the fake tan though !!


Thanks for your reply, I use a thing called Solar Oil for nails which feels very soothing and nourishing but the cracks and ridges are back the next day. I use an exfoliating brush in the shower, but I like the idea of almond oil for my legs where do you get yours from. Oh and fake tan is a must for me as I have become sun sensitive. I have also noticed that my skin has become really pale almost white it was never like this before. I've got my fake tan at the ready for the leg reveal after winter hibernation lol.


....I think they sell Almond Oil in Boots in plain bottles - as Massage Therapists/Aromatherapists often use it as a base oil. I live in Crete so use a Greek Organic one made by APIVITA - and as the P is an R in Greek and the V is a N then really it's called ARINITA !! It sounds Double Dutch !

I have a garden with 59 olive trees and a barrel or two of oil in the garage ! I do use it when out of everything but find it just a little too dense for me. Have used the dregs to oil the garden furniture though ! Seemed to work a treat !

Could the pale skin be to do with low iron/B12 - I expect you have had them all tested. When you pull down your lower lid is the tissue a good red colour or is that pale too ? Docs used to do that in the old days when they checked your nails, tongue and your jawline/neck etc.

Off to put on the fake tan - ! x


I had no idea that Clinique was part of Estée Lauder! I'm going to check out Organic Surge sounds good. I do like the Clinique foundations they are good.


...if you check out Department Stores you will see they usually hold one of the best positions along with Lauder - often together ! In the old days when I was out there battling for counter space they would always win out - often with figures combined. Counter space is allocated by turnover....yikes that seems years ago now ! Think I prefer the peace of my olive grove ! x


hi jaq,

you have hit the nail right on the head, i no longer feel like a woman, if its not one thing its another.

its bad enough going through all the other horrible symptoms inside the body, but when it shows on your face and there is nothing you can do about it, its soul destroying.

im at docs again this week so im going to mention it to him (again). when the sunlight hits my face, my goodness its like a hairy bikers face!....ha, just awful.

ive just joined this site a couple of days ago, and in a strange way it gives me a bit of comfort knowing im not alone in what im going through. suzie xx


Ill tell you a story about my last visit to a beauty salon, I was having a brow and lip wax and the beautician asked me if I wanted my chin hair removed! I was mortified! So now if I get it done I have to add my goatie in to the equation lol.


Hi ladies.

I get on really well with olive oil (removed with a hot flannel) for facial cleansing/makeup removal and coconut oil for a body moisturiser. It's the only thing that could knock out the papery dryness on my legs. If I want to smell of perfume I mix in a little scented moisturiser, but the smell of the coconut oil itself is pretty great.

I feel quite strongly that cosmetic products (mostly Vaseline dressed up with colour and fragrance) are largely useless when it comes to anything other than routine maintenance of already-good skin. Natural unrefined oils work better and are free of petroleum products. You can use them to clean and moisturise and they will almost always cost less than cosmetic stuff.


Hi all,

This is such a useful (but sad) post. The change in my skin is obvious. I've always been extremely lucky - even escaping the dreaded spots in my teens - but now the skin on my forehead and cheeks peels constantly, despite exfoliating regularly, and I have patches of extremely dry, cracked skin on other parts of my face, arms and back. Nothing I've tried so far helps in any way. I even asked my hairdresser to change my style to hide some of it!

Many thanks to Puncturedbicycle for your natural suggestions - I'm going to give the olive and coconut oil treatment a try!

Take care everyone.


I use a cream called double base gel which you can buy on line from chemist direct its not only very moisturising its none irritant and very soothing on dry skin also Dermol cream which is made for dermatitis eczema and itchy skin is very good as well you can use this a soap substitute., or in the shower. My itchy skin has improved a lot since I used these products so its worth trying


My husband uses this for his psoriasis I think I might give it a try.

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give it a go its good stuff not cheap but it helped me a lot


my daughters skin went like yours when she was about 14 and then the outer third of her eyeLASHES fell out!!! Doctor just said have you changed your mascara?! She was also freezing all the time, gaining weight and sleeping. I knew nothing about thyroid problems in those days and was ill but not diagnosed. I now know that she was suffering an acute period of thyroid problem but it was never diagnosed, she seems ok nowadays, although a bit chubby, about a size 16 and is now 20, but I am on the alert to any changes in her

I would suggest that you get your thyroid levels rechecked



I had my test results back a few weeks ago and they were in range, that is as the doctors see it!! As usual I will go back and say my temperature is 35 on waking and rarely climbs above 36 throughout the day, my nails are still cracked and ridged, my skin is rubbish and I feel cold and tired. I am almost tempted to take an extra 25mg of levo and then I don't. This is such a good site isn't it.


What were your results ? - with ranges if possible.....


I have recently started to get really rough skin (had bloods done - well TSH anyway 0.96). I have started using Cetaphil cleanser and moisturiser. About £8 from Lloyds Pharmacy and it is really helping.


The skin behind ears going down around neck and front of neck feels like fine sandpapwr. 71 but never had pimples or skin problems, skin has always described as beautiful skin. However I did have two dental inplants 3 yrs ago and shortly after had a few pimples and then this rough startd behind ears and working it's way down around neck,looks normal but doesn't feel normal. Any ideas. ? I thought sensitive to metals in posts but no way of knowing. Sorry under reply as can't find where to submit question.

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Hello, I really do think you should consider getting tested for metals just incase. If it is affecting your body, your skin is the last organ to show up any problems aka texture changes or rashes or bumps etc.

You could possibly try this I know it isn’t the cheapest and maybe you should look into a holistic practitioner that can test you for metals because regular blood tests etc won’t show up anything, it’s harder to test for those sort of things. Meanwhile I’d also recommend taking a good quality probiotics to strengthen your immune system, which should help your skin a bit since our immune system lies in our gut and If there’s an imbalance it reflects in our skin. If you get the dental implants replaced, you can also check if the substitute ones are okay for your body too through testing. Sorry if I’m typing too much but I’d definitely get the metal allergy stuff looked at to keep your mind at peace.

Thyroid problems and skin issues are so frustrating, so I really wish you all the best and hope you get some answers and things will be better for you *fingers crossed* :-)!


I am 57 and never in my life have had any skin problems! I don't even get pimples! All of a sudden I am getting small areas of dry patchy skin all over my body...the top of my hands feel like sand paper along with my knees! I take care of my skin and use moisturizers! It don't itch are anything but it's there! I'm on Amytripline for my Fybro Manalgia and went up on my dose and it seems it might be the culprit but not sure! Are it might be menapause! Don't know but I hate espeacialy my hands feeling like sand paper! Ugghhh and I read someone saying it's thyroid! In my case it ain't cause I just got that checked out! If this continues I can be used to sand any thing down forget buying sand paper! 😲


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