Hypo Thyroid and Sensitive Skin


I've just been diagnosed by a private holistic doctor (after GPs wouldn't listen) with Type 2 Hypothyroidism (or ISTH - Impaired Sensitivity to Thyroid Hormone).

I have a long list of symptoms but there's one that remains a mystery: The skin on my face, previously totally normal has become ultra sensitive in the last year. There are almost no face creams, washes or foundations on the market that I can put on my skin (I've tested around 150 products!). Almost all products (ones with 100% natural ingredients as well as conventional products) produce a burning sensation on the skin on my face and, where my pores are largest, (either side of my nose) becomes red and inflamed. Always the same style of reaction; it always looks the same regardless of the product.

Sounds trivial, but it would be nice to be able to choose make-up that looks nice and not just wear the only stuff I can find that I don't react to! I'm sure there's women here who can relate to wanting to look nice!

Anyone else had this problem and did it get better with treatment?

Many thanks.

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  • Hi finally diagnosed that sounds like a nasty symptom can't say I suffered with that one, thou my list is long, I do have sensitive skin and have to be careful what make up I use, have you tried bare minerals as these work for me it has to be just minerals in ingredients as some have fillers like talc in them, might be worth a try !

  • Thanks! I'll give them a try.

  • I have to screen for lanolin, perfume, aloe vera and oils. I will still be caught out and dread items being discontinued. Avene, which I expected to be ok as spring water was awful for me but La roche posay is great. I feel your pain and frustration. I use Rozex twice a day for rosacea even if not flared because if I leave an application off I will flare. The only item in Elemis range I can use is the pro collagen marine cream. Food reactions and allergies cause skin flare ups too. Citrus, vinegars, sugars and flavourings, I have a very, very bland diet. Good luck! My best wishes to you.

  • I count myself lucky that I don't seem to react to makeup (though I hate strong scents so have always avoided scented stuff when I can). My favourites are Supergoop and BareMinerals for foundation and mineral sunscreen.

    I do have trouble w cleansers and creams, even from 'good' manufacturers (using gentle ingredients) like Neal's Yard. I no longer try new products and am sticking w my Neal's Yard frankincense cream and oil cleansing only.

    If you're dealing w extreme sensitivity you might want to give oil cleansing a go. It frees you up from 'products' and I like how it feels. I use olive oil but some people like castor, almond, coconut oil etc.

  • Thanks. Yes I think I'm going to try just oil cleansing for a while and also washing make up off as soon as I get home to minimise the number of products.

    Has anyone had a reduction in sensitivity once on the correct medication?

  • I use Bella B foaming face wash. This is actually for pregnant mums and I got it while I was going through IVF which sadly wasn't successful but I've carried on using it as I've always had sensitive skin and this has really helped.

  • Thanks. Sorry to hear the IVF didn't work. I'm sure you've tried everything but have you had all your vitamins and minerals tested? Lots of people are deficient in vit d, magnesium and B3 and I think these can affect fertility. Reading The Calcium Lie at the moment- it's all about the right balance of minerals in the body.

  • Thanks. I've had vit b, d and ferritin tested and gp happy they are normal but I still take b complex daily, d3 and magnesium and various other supplements so if anything at risk of over-supplementing at the mo, but don't know where to go for testing and if I'd be able to understand the results. Have you done self testing?

  • I've tested at the docs and my vit d was very low. What I've found from my holistic doctor is that even when in the 'normal ranges' if you're low in those ranges it's not optimum.

    Vitamin d council is a good resource and they recommend 5000 iu a day of vit d as a maintenance dose. That's if you're not deficient.

    I'm tempted to get more vitamin and mineral tests privately though I hadn't yet. Due to modern farming methods everyone is mineral deficient these days. Might be worth exploring further.

    Blue horizon do vitamin tests but your doctor should be happy to do b12, ferritin and vit d if you want to check again.

  • I was severely deficient in vit d and when I went on high doses it helped the symptoms I was having (RSI/ carpel tunnel and tiredness/ low mood)

  • Oh and too much calcium can be really damaging and cause deficiencies in other minerals. The Calcium Lie is only £6 on kindle I got it today so have just started it but it's definitely made me think about getting my minerals tested. (I'm not affliliated with it or anything)

  • Thank you. I think that book will be next on my list when I finish Isabella Wentz's and the hypothyroid mom's. so great to have these resources, just a shame the doctors don't read them all too😉

  • I was like this when my hypothyroidism started. I couldn't put anything on my face at all, make up brands I've used for years I reacted to. Nearly all moisturiser's. I also couldn't use any shampoo without my scalp being covered in sores. Even baby shampoo did it. It's improved since medicating though although my skin is still sensitive and always will be x

  • That's really interesting to hear, Katie. Same with me- products that were OK before are now not.

    Did you find that you were able to use a greater range of products again once you were being treated?

    I've made my own dry shampoo out of cornflour and essential oil for smell. Works so much better than the ones in the shops. You could try that if shampoo is still a problem.

  • Yes although my skin is still super sensitive it's just not super super sensitive anymore haha. I am a lot better with face products now but my scalp is still very sensitive. The body shop also do a coconut soap which I found quite good.x

  • Have you tried coconut oil? I had to resort to that as a moisturiser. Worked for me x

  • Yes thanks. I love oils but can't wear them as a moisturiser as they give me spots due to clogged pores. If I wipe it off really well then I can use as a cleaner. Going to start doing that instead of moisturiser so I'm just cleansing with the oil and it also works as a moisturiser so less product.

    My mum (who has hashimotos) said she had a period of sensitivity and she reduced stuff she put on her face down to the one product (100% natural oil cleanser) and put make up on only for the hours that she was out and it really helped calm it down.

  • Yes that's the thing it is greasy and does make you feel a bit icky! I also found olive oil soaps from Greece quite good but they sting like hell if you get them in your eyes lol. Even with them though I reacted to some and not others. It's a nightmare I know x

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