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ALTERED FACIAL FEATURES......anyone looking better?!!

Ages ago I posted about having droopy eyebrows and sagging facial muscles. By about 6 in the evening my eyebrows are virtually sitting on my eyelids and and I've become very jowly. I kind of need to hoist my face up!!!

Has anyone else noticed this and more to the point......... Have you seen any improvement?!!

I'm sure hypo prematurely ages us.......or is it just me! Is there any hope? I don't expect to wake up one morning and suddenly find myself looking like Claudia Schiffer......but do you think things might get a little better?

I used to have really swollen, puffy eyes and nose and water fatness under my chin, but all that has gone now.


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Yes, yes, it does get better, honest! Once (I hope) I looked just like a gargoyle version of a particularly ugly toad, but gradually I turned back into a human being when the treatment took effect. Cheer up, it will happen.


Hya, In the last few days I have said to my other half that I am getting very jowly!! I also comment on my old lady face. I am 43 now so it could be age but I hope that I look a little better when fully treated. Dr P said that my 'youthful looks would return' so here's hoping. Lol!

I do remember reading a site called, Miss Lizzy's hypothyroid site where the owner recovered beautifully and she posted her before and after pics. She absolutely glowed in the after ones.

Best wishes

Carolineanne x


Oh good!! Well that gives me a bit of hope.........maybe we'll ALL end up looking like Claudia

Schiffer after all!!



I've only been on Levo for a few short months and only now at 50mg a day but my leathery chin skin is changing from solid and thick to less of it and more moveable. If that makes sense to you? I can see that changing at least. Hope my puffy face thins down too.


When I was first diagnosed my complexion was terribly chalky and grey. I still have some makeup I was using then, which is very light. Since my last raised dose, the bloating I had has improved a lot, so my face isn't as puffy, but I'm sorry to say I do seem to have aged a lot in the last five years or so, especially in the jowls area.


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