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Semi-permanent make-up anyone?

My eyebrows have never grown back, I have none and only a few eyelashes. Hair loss has I think stopped but am losing my fringe. Despite mostly improved health I feel very self-conscious so have made an appointment next month for a consultation concerning semi-permanent brush stroke eyebrow make-up.

Has anyone had this done? I do remember a girl on here having her eyebrows tattooed but don't know whether it was permanent or semi-permanent.

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Hi cinnamon girl. I believe the tatoo is semi-permanent. It costs around £300 I believe. There are other ways you can 'add' eyebrows. Two links:-


Thanks shaws, helpful as always.


Yes I have had semi permanent eyebrows done - mine completely feel out - not a single hair left despite having had lovely thick eyebrows beforehand.....sigh...

The full effects of semi permanent last about a year and then you have to get it topped up regularly/annually.

The best advice I can give is really research this well, it ain't cheap to get it done well. It can be £350plus. If it is cheap then chances are it wont look great and this is your face so you want it looking realistic and to fit with your overall colouring etc. Try and get recommendations - I used a place in London - if you are near London let me know and I can PM details to you.

Otherwise research, ask around, get references and look for real before and after photos rather. If you have any photos of you before with your eyebrows that mighe help you explain what you want.


Thanks for your reply lizanne. It's odd isn't it how some people just lose the outer third but, like you, I've nothing. Sigh indeed.

Was hoping it would last longer than a year though although appreciate you need top-ups. Not in London and don't know anyone who's had it done in my vicinity. Been researching plenty! My appointment will just be a consultation, her work does look good and I'm very keen to have a natural look. Also tempted with the eye liner too!!

How long did the colour take to 'settle' after yours were first done? Actually you've made a good suggestion of taking along a photo, will see if I can find one but I've always been camera-shy.

Thanks again.


Basically on your first appointment they measure out your face and work out where the eyebrows should go - this should take some time as like me you have no existing eyebrow hair as a template. They also work out what colour/shade to use.

Then they scratch across the brow line and apply a local anaesthetic cream to numb the area. Then they do the hair strokes and constantly check as they do it - takes about 1 hour or more. Then you are given a salve to apply to keep the skin moist (it can peel and flake and obviously the colour isn't as strong then so you want to look after them). Then you go back in 4-6 weeks and get it topped up and finished off. It gives you the chance to ask them to put more in etc.

Remember to go subtle - you can add hairs but can't remove them. If you don't get it topped it after a year or twp - it faces but it doesn't completely disappear.

Make sure the person you see shows you examples of their work so you can assess it. Also ensure needles are wrapped in sterile packaging etc

Re the general problem with hair have you ever had any improvement - do you know exactly what is causing the hair loss? I am similar to you and despite thyroid meds (armour, t4,t3 everything....) my hair has not recovered one jot..! I am wondering what else the problem could be..

Good luck


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Thanks again lizanne, more useful info.

My hair loss has slowed down and since the beginning of the year I've been using Nioxin shampoo. It's not cheap, bought a very large bottle and you only need to use a small quantity. I did buy the Nioxin conditioner but that ran out ages ago. I reckon it took around 6 months to kick in. There are different formulations depending on your hair type and amount of hair loss.

Obviously you need to check around for the best prices.

I've been taking T3 for over 2 years but been hypo for 5/6 years with a few years without medication. greygoose posted an interesting thread today saying that vitamin C is more important than iron.

I introduced fish oil around the end of last year into my supplement regime as well as zinc - perhaps they've helped too. Perhaps it's worth carrying out a review of your supplements and making changes? It's a nightmare!!

Will report back after my consultation next month.


Hi cinnamon girl.........I live in the north east and have my eyebrows semi permanently tattooed on a regular basis. Have done so since chemo........ Use the same company as when I lived south just a different artist. They are very good and I tend to go for the 'trainers' for 'F..... T....' that way I am comfortable in getting the best of the profession. I don't pay anywhere near £350. Can't remember the initial cost as I started doing this some 5 years ago.......but my annual top up is about £100. I can PM you the name of the company if you wish and then you can research a trainer near you................... x


I would very much like the name of the company, although I live near London. Pepekins.


Thanks for replying LKA-dot, that's interesting info. £350 seems to be the going rate from my research. Consultation is booked anyway.


I've had it done. Make sure that you can talk to some of their clients and that you like the style that they have done on the other clients with no brows. That way you can see how they create brows from nothing. Filling is easy, it is creating that people run into problems. Pictures only say so much, especially if you are like me and have no brows to work with. Also, make sure they do a Color test at the nape of your neck. Two reasons, 1) if you have an allergic reaction you will know 2) different colors react differently with skin types and you don't want to end up with weird colored brows. She or he should do the test and schedule you to come back in a week. Never do it the same day as the consult. Remember that this is your face and if you don't like it you are stuck. I found the right person by doing a lot of research.


Thanks for your reply asmile4u. Good point re colour test, duly noted. This is something I've considered for quite a while now but have been holding off just in case my eyebrows grew back, they're obviously not going to now.


Even though my head hair, nails and lashes grew back my eyebrows are just 4-5 scraggly hairs which go every direction. I love my new brows. :)


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