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Calling all my fellow eyebrow-less, hashi peeps,

I'm having trouble finding a make up solution to patch up my missing eyebrows, and as I know loads of you out there are having the same problem, I thought you may be able to give a little advice.

I'm have naturally blond eyebrows & have light blond hair (so it cant be too dark or I look peculiar......I tried something darker & my hairdresser suggested dying my hair to match may eyebrows, looked at the other girls there & giggled)

I have lost the most of my right eyebrow (so look a bit lop sided & weird). But the left is doing ok at the moment (Yay!)

I would like something that stays put all day, and looks as natural as possible, so I don't draw any untoward attention to my lack of actual eyebrow.

I recently picked up a new eyebrow pencil in the hopes of just drawing in the blank area, but every time I used it the fine hairs seem to get pulled out & I found at least 2 of my desperately needed eyebrow hairs attached to the tip. Which has actually made the problem more difficult to cover. (sigh)

I know that an eyebrow tattoo would fix it in a permanent way, but am not in a place to drop a couple hundred pounds on that at the moment, hopefully I'll have the funds in the future.

Any suggestions??

What do you use?

p.s. I'm currently on the road to try & optimize my meds & vitamins, so hopefully in 6 months or so this might, possibly sort itself out (she says optimistically). In the meantime any help would be most appreciated.


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  • Hi bob1cat,

    My eyebrows have practically vanished too, and they used to be quite substantial. I have tried most things apart from tattooing them, and I always return to eyebrow powder - it's like eyeshadow. Somehow that seems to stay put pretty much all day. I think maybe it stays out on me because I do seem to have some very Downey practically invisible hairs.

    But I'd prefer to have my eyebrows back. I'm blonde too, but my eyebrows were always quite dark so I don't feel weird using a mid brown. It is harder for blonde as the lighter colours can often look a bit orangey. Do they ever grow back on treatment?

  • My eyebrows did grow back for about 3 months (i was soooo happy), then my hashi's started playing up & my eyebrows dropped out. Last time it took about 9 months for them to come back, so I'm hopeful but not expectant. lol

    I'll look into eyebrow powder. Does it still work on completely bare patches (mine are shiny & bald)??

  • Hi! Oh! My sympathies! Powder on bare shiny skin doesn't work I'm afraid. You need the wax to set it and it just gets messy. I watched YouTube to get ideas and it has taken me many months to perfect my look. So much so people think I have brows when all I have is from the nose and half an arch. I use the thinnest tip retractable bareMinerals Frame & Define Brow Styler and Soap & Glory Archery 2-in-1 Brow Filling Pencil & Brush. I can't advise on colour because my brows are jet black. The S&G one to fill in blanks and bM to shape. I have tried and wasted a fortune on powders from Benefit and other cheaper brands, given away pencil upon pencil. If you want definition I would recommend the two above and if people believe I have brows (even been stopped in shops would you believe commenting on my shape and work colleagues who I have worked with forever never realised I lost mine) then I must be doing something right. I can't vouch for their staying power as I don't touch my face or touch up my makeup once I'm done. Having said that I wear a full face of makeup, foundation with loose powder and I've never had a problem of them dissolving on me, ooh perish the thought. Some YouTube vids have men doing a fab job of brows too, drag artists, so don't rule them out. A lot are American clips so some products you might only be able to get from Amazon if you fancy trying them. You will build your confidence and taper what they do to effect the look you are after. They gave me the confidence to build my shape without going for the Scouse Brow, and I'm a Scouse Girl! Good luck and happy viewing.

  • I agree, the Soap & Glory Archery one from Boots is good and the range includes a lighter brown shade for blondes.

  • Thank you, bob1kat. I don't think my suggestion would work if you don't have any fine downy hair at all.

  • My friend has recently had her brows microbladed. Wow they look amazing and so natural. I do realise that it not a cheap solution but then again it lasts a couple of years and if u add up money spent over the time on make up maybe a better option. X

  • I would love microblading but I have such reactive skin and allergies I'm frightened. Did it hurt your friend?

  • Be aware that us hypos have a different skin texture to non-hypos. My eyebrows fell out completely, not a single one. I decided to try semi-permanent and the first time I had 'hair stroke' brows that looked very natural. It was a little painful.

    After 12 months they needed a top-up and that was where the problems started. My therapist has other hypo ladies and has found that we all have different skin where its thickness/texture varies considerably. Unfortunately the 'hair stroke' method did not work due to my skin but not long afterwards I was tested and diagnosed with Lyme disease so believe this had a lot to answer for.

    I also had semi-permanent eyeliner on both upper and lower lids and, has to be said, found this excruciatingly painful. In fact I vowed 'never again'. It looks great though and did pluck up the courage to have it topped up, fortunately wasn't so painful which was a relief.

    Definitely not a cheap solution though.

  • Thank you cg, my gut instinct is right then!

  • Microblading is AMAZING! I have a few friends who for reasons other than thyroid have hardly any eyebrows. The results are phenomenal. Forget about those dark and unnatural eyebrows that people used to have. If you want it done - find someone who does microblading.

  • I use Laura Mercier eyebrow pencil in blonde.

  • Not so much hurt but uncomfortable, can't have been that bad cos she went back for the top up! 😊

  • I use Wunderbrow - take a look at it on Amazon and see what you think. I'm fair, not quite blond, and use the blond one. It sort of paints on, can look a bit weird and thick as you do it, but then I brush it out along the brow line with a mascara brush, It doesn't come off and lasts until you remove it. It's the best product I've found so far.

  • Wunderbrow. Its brilliant. Stays put even if you get it wet. Looks natural. I use blonde.

  • Thanks for the help guys. It looks like Wonderbrow or Soap & Glory look like the biggest contenders.

    I feel a trip to Boots coming on. lol

  • I always use Natural real hair stick on brows simplywigs.co.uk/catalogue/...

  • They look amazing, riannabri. Do you think they would pull out any fine remaining eyebrow hairs?

  • I'm going to go away and make enquiries. Have a couple of friends who are massively into hair and make-up and work in fashion and TV. Will get a few suggestions from them...

  • Dior waterproof eyebrow pencil is the best that I've tried and I've tried loads. It's quite waxy and therefore ok on bare skin. It's not totally waterproof or smudgeproof but definitely worth a try. I don't have any eyebrows left ☹️.

  • Dior's is the bomb. The line is so fine, it mimics each individual hair instead of looking like a smudgy Groucho Marx mess.

  • I may be late on this, but dior's universal light brown eye pencil is a fine line pencil with the light enough color for my blonde brows. It is wonderful. Expensive, but the only pencil I can get a natural result with.

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