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Test results all fine but still feel something isn't right, what do you think of these test results?

My mum, sister and grandma all are hypothyroid, i've been feeling dreadful for years with similar symptoms, complete exhaustion, difficulty losing weight, muscle aches, skipped heartbeats, cold and hot, never a happy medium, constipation etc, etc. my test results have come back as follows:

2010 - TSH -9.6, FREE T4 - 9

2011 - TSH -2.6, FREE T4 -12

2011(again) - TSH -2.1, FREE T4-12

2011(again) - TSH -1.5, FREE T4-14

My doctor tells me they are all within normal limits but i am really fed up feeling the way that i do. Are there any other tests that i could have?

Really appreciate any advice.

Thanks in advance

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Hello lunarbella,

For most doctors test results are everything, and indeed they are accurate for some people but for very many they are useless. I am a firm believer in symptoms. If you have symptoms despite "normal" thyroid tests then there is a problem which still need resolving.

There could be a number of things to address and your best answer may be to see a private Dr. recommended by Thyroid UK.

However before that try getting your doctor to test for Vitamins B12 and D as well as folates, ferritin and magnesium (low magnesium can cause skipped heart beats).

Also ask him to do another current thyroid test and to include in it TSH, T4, T3 and thyroid antibodies. Then post all of the results on here with their ranges written in brackets. Your doctor will give you a printout of your results.

Jane x


If you email and ask for a copy of the article by Dr Toft, ex of the British Thyroid Association. Question 6 will interest you as he says that we may even need a suppressed TSH and if still not well, an addition of T3.


Hi At a minimum you need a test for Free T3 too. You also need ranges, most Labs have different ranges, so without them difficult to be sure. Doctors have started to treat by TSH, costs! Some good endos .,like all good consultants, treat the person with consideration of blood tests.Treatment with T3 does lower the TSH, but helps a lot of the symptoms especially weight. Some GPs ,especially are not happy with this, if the TSH is in range.



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