Dropping temperatures

Ho there

Do we know why ones temperatures drop? Mine are going lower even though I increased my erfa by 1/2 a day. That happened the last time I increased. Is this normal? I'm registering 35.5



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Hi Simon

My temperature is dropping too. Third and fourth day after increase was sort of ok _ 36.1 -36.7 C. Yesterday and today is dropping lower and lower 35.4C- 35.8 C in the evening.

I am very depressed and take antidepressants and tranquilizers for sleep. I do suffer from terrible insomnia and I am crying a lot( I wish I could stop) so in my case it might be an extreme stress that my body is going through right now.

Some sources say that your thyroid is adjusting to the hormone- a feedback loop, as you take your meds your thyroid start to produce less hormone and your body is asking for more of it therefore you become more hypo ( temp. drop is hypo symptom of course as you know) and you need to increase your dose again.

Other sources might blame weak adrenals for not being able to cope with the increase of thyroid hormones supplementations.

Another sources - build up of reverse T3, which makes your T3 inactive and not utilized by body tissues> NDT contains T4 too as you know and this T4 might be converted into reverse T3 instead of normal T3 ( this is often linked with chronic inflammation in the body). if you have more reverse T3 than T4 than your body will become more hypo.

Now who knows what is happening. I wish I could find a definite answer from doctors but I am struggling with that.

Hope you temp. will rise.

Be warm


Hi E

So begs the question, what's the answer then?!? Lol how can one turn those problems around?

I've been on Nutri adrenal for six months now so if my tps are going in the wrong direction, it doesn't bode very well does it :0/



Maybe your increase should be at a slower pace? Not 1/2 grain but e.g. 1/4 grain.

It's hard to tell. I have same problem. I read a lot and there can be many answers to that.

Your best bet is to ask dr P.

This morning my temp. was 35.6C and I am not happy with it too :(

E x

Yeah I will ask him next Friday when I have my phone consultation with him. I do find when it drops too low my sneezing comes on/feel a bit worse.

I'm hoping after 6 months of Nutri/adtenal support I am a bit better!


Yeah do you think we might be on too much thyroid medication? My mind keeps going back to how I felt when i stopped. All my thyroid meds for a few days. I felt more normal.... Until my temps started dropping and i was told to start taking them again. I dunno. I feel really low again today! Don't know why.

What to do lol


Hi It is possible to have a low normal temperature. I always have. Actually my GP did not believe me and took my temp. So low, it broke her thermometer! it is a problem with a fever in hospital as it still registers normal for other people.


Hi Jac

Your saying falling temps to 35.5 is sometimes acceptable?


Hi Simon., Well mine has always been. before my thyroid was stable I did think it might be connected as it can be, However, in my case it is not . It only the matters if have a fever and no one believes it!A lot of things connected with the body are variable to that erson, ie we can all be different!Even when I was overdosed on armour, for quite a while, my temp still as low.


Hi Si - sorry uou aren't too good again :( What dose are you on now? I'm feeling much more settled now that I'm back down to 2.5 grains. I think 2.75 was too much, but the symptoms I got we're very similar to being under-medicated. Xx

Oh what a bad day I'm having! :0( feel so low, so low in mood too! Not like me but I have noticed lower moods of late.

I was on 2.5 grains for a while but I'm stopping that and going back to two. I've upped my NAX as I've been I'll with that cough virus the last couple of weeks.

I'm not sure why I'm worse lately. I know the virus wouldn't have helped but i am bed bound today..... For some reason! I don't know if the thyroid meds suit me or not.


On the subject of cold, how does everybody deal with the choice between being cold or having astronomical gas bills?

I won't be cold, period! Lol I sauna if I get too cold :0)

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