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This evening i saw a private endo consultant Mr K...As my increased levo reluctantly given by my gp 4 weeks ago with dire warnings of cardiac arrest has had no effect on my symptoms...and also the T3 private bloods i had done range was 3.7 (range from 3.1-6.8)had me question conversion as did a lot of replies here.My gp also reluctantly agreed to an endo but the appointment isnt until april 18th and im fading and due on my honeymoon Tuesday 12th...the last holiday in 2011 was marred by my hypo at its worst so i wanted to be well this we decided despite my being made redundant yesterday the private appointment was justified..

He was lovely listenened and agreed to a trial of T3!! yes i have to pay for a private script for now but if this works i will be over the moon as rite now its a boring place of dry dry hair sore shins,dry skin,broken nails and now i know it may make me feel pants id appreciate some feedback as i am ok with adapting and just want to know what to expect.Thanks

[edited by admin: replaced doctor's name with initial only. We like to protect the identity of these good doctors. Doctors' names should be restricted to personal messages for this reason :) ]

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T3 worked very well for me. Go with it and give it time. You might need to increase slowly but some can increase quite quickly. You might also want to split the dose throughout the day, perhaps 2 or three doses a day. Some people are fine with one dose a day though :)

I hope it works for you

Carolyn x


Me too Carolyn as im paying for this first script...but then we have ammo to fight and ask gp to prescribe if i get better..its a shame ive had to pay for a private endo and private script but i need to get well....He also advised i split the tablet am and PM and if its too much half a tab willing to try anything xx


I wish you success and it is exciting when you are offered something other than the one which doesn't make you feel better.


How much is it on a private script? and how many weeks is it for?


im on a month trial and tbis script will cost me 70.72.


I started on 1/2(10mcg) but increased it myself to 10mcg twice a day, although the 10mcg worked amazingly for me for the first few months.

It took me about a week or two I think to adjust. The constipation went( if you get my gist), which was the first thing I noticed, I got a buzzy feeling on and off and felt a bit sick and disorientated on occasion. Like I said though, it didn't last long and the increase in energy and lack of pain more than made up for the side effects I can tell you!!!

Good luck and enjoy your honeymoon! :)


I've just posted this wonderful radio interview about reverse T3 and going on T3 only. When you have time and can get through the long introduction which goes on about how Stop the Thyroid Madness website began, you will get a lot from the T3 discussion.


thanks i took first dose this afternoon as it took a few chemists before we managed to obtain it x


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