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Only feel that I got to start the T3 journey but not complete it

So I have had the genetic test that shows I am heterozygous and after being on T4 for many years with continuing symptoms I managed to persuade my GP for an endo appointment. Reluctantly the Endo agreed to add in T3 and I am now on 100 T4 and 20 T3. My hair and nails are much improved and some of the brain fog has cleared. Weight is still an issue and so is fatigue. Because my Tsh was reduced to under 1.0 endo has said he won't change anything else and has discharged me.

I feel that because I have started to be better with T3 that there was scope to reduce T4 further and increase my T3... Am I wrong?

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More info is needed here before anyone can usefully comment :) How long have you been on 100 T4 and 20 T3? And you say TSH was under 1, but you need to give FT4 and FT3 readings too.


Unfortunately I was not privy to important info like FT3 & FT4 ( endo only interested in TSH and said everything else was in "normal" range, but I will try to find out I have been on this T4/ T3 combination for 8 months now.


No, you are right. But the docs are terrified of low tsh, because if you get it they will be struck off and won't get any pensions... Or something like that.

No logic or reasoning behind the failure to increase your t3, But the docs are tring to regulate tsh rather than make you well.

My tsh has been 0.1 for about 13 years, I am fine. :-).

Xx. G


Endo babbled on about I would end up with osteoporosis if my TSH was too low as well as cardiac issues. He also said that my most of the population have my symptoms but their thyroid function is not to blame so I should not put it down to that


Oh that old chestnut. Osteoporosis can happen to people who have high t3 because of hyperthyroidism..... So the endos have assumed that low tsh causes osteoporosis. 2 +2 = 5. :-(

When I was threatened with osteoporosis I asked then to do a dxa scan of my hip. They did and it proved I had the bones of someone 20 odd years younger... ( wish it had been someone with longer legs. :-). )

If most of the population have your symptoms then the guidelines for treatment must be wrong.

Xx g

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Thank you.... I think I might have to put pressure on the GP and see what happens seeing as Endo was very quick to discharge me!

Love the legs comment by the way x


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