I have a gp appt on weds to discuss more extensive thyroid related testing

I had my T4 tested for the first time in 19 years and my gp has said everything us fine. They have already tried to go down the depressed route. I think i have a conversion prob. If my gpbrefuses more testing i am in the process of gwtting prices for private tests. I will post results. If my gp still will not listen i am going to ask to see dr s in hopes he can help me. I just hope my gp will refer me.

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  • Private testing information here:


  • Thankyou helvella.

  • I think 19 years is long enough to have symptoms and no treatment. Many GP's do not know any clinical symptoms these days and only diagnose on the TSH. They are quick to offer anti-d's but not some T3.



  • Im now on 175mgs of thyroxine which was only increased because i asked for amcopynof my test results and told my gp i wasnt taking antidepressants i wanted my doseage increased and if she wouldnt increase would just increase myself. Its ridiculous.

  • Hi At a minimum have a Free T3 test and vit D ( hormonal), the other tests are also desirable.

    best wishes,


  • Thankyou x

  • I think after 19 years you should ask your GP for a referral to an endo. I did this for my husband (12 years ill) and he finally got his prescription for T3.

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