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Can someone help me I'm confused by my results and need clarification

I had a hemi-thyroidectomy 12 years ago due to a large goitre pressing on my windpipe, the half i have left also has small goitres in and i have bloods (TSH) done every year. I've just had my last results and they were 1.78 but are now 1.12 (both done on fasting) I requested much to the annoyance of my dr free T3 and free T4 - which they have finally done! These were off my sample they already had from last week.

I'm not sure weather they have actually done the Free T3 as that result wasn't there but My T4 has come back at 16.7 - (sorry i don't know what unit it was measured in). They tell me these results are 'normal' and don't take me seriously. My mother, grandmother and aunt are all on Meds for Hypothyroidism and a cousin for hyperthyroidism.

Am i going nuts even thinking down this line? Are my results really 'normal'? Should i just accept that this is nothing to do with my many 'symptoms' i have of hypothyroidism?

Thank you to anyone who can shed some light for me

EDIT: I've been taking vitamin B complex to help with fertility issues - can this be a factor?

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Welcome to our forum.

Have you been on levothyroxine since the hemi-thyroidectomy. If so, what is your dose?


Thank you for the welcome x No I haven't been on any medication at all, they keep telling me everything is 'normal'. It's only over this last year i've been requesting 'numbers' of my levels for all my testing so i can research myself - i have unexplained infertility so have become number obsessed and not taking everything DR's say at face value.


I hope others will also comment. Some doctors would treat you due to clinical symptoms, which you are obviously having as sometimes the TSH doesn't correspond with what GP's have been told.

If it is possible, I would get a private consultation with a sympathetic doctor on Thyroiduk.org's list and if you email Louise.Warvill@Thyroiduk.org she will send you details.

Re fertility, this is a link but some of the links within may not work as Dr Lowe died last year and is a great loss.

There are other topics at the top of the page which may be helpful.



This is also a link re blood tests.



thank you i shall check out all the links


The TSH range at my surgery is (0.3 - 5.6). Anything outside of this range would be considered abnormal. If the T4 is within range (mine is (9- 21)) but the TSH is above 5.6 but below 10 they would consider treating, and with a TSH of 10 or over they would treat.


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