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Does anyone else feel like they're getting a cold and feel run down for ages but no cold.

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I'm hypothyroid, I was diagnoised about 15 months ago but believe I'd been undiagnoised for some time.

Quite often I'd noticed a pattern of feeling as if I was getting a cold, feeling run down, fuzzy headed, tightening of throat and the feeling as if I'm getting a cough at times but then nothing comes of it.

I'm in one of those period's now and I've been like this since Christmas and feel as if I'm gradually getting worse. My sypmtoms at the moment are very vivid nightmare, having to go to the toilet at night, numbness in hands whilst asleep (and sometimes if I'm on the phone too long), breathlessness, tightness in throat, dry skin, hair falling out, I've had some periods of feeling very thirsty (and subsequently drinking alot and going to the toilet alot) and having headaches which seems to have settled down a little at the moment but I can't seem to concentrate on work and feel edgy, nervous and irriated and feel dizzy at times and I feel as if one of my eye's is dry and a little more fuzzy than normal; oh and how can I forget, difficulty with my bowl movements, I feel I need to go but struggle to and it's a bit uncomfortable and lighter in colour (sorry for the detail) :-)

Some of these sypmtoms I know can be put down to Hypothyroidism and I'm due to have my next blood test on the 20th March as my GP wanted to monitor it at 6 months not 12 as I'd shown concerns at the last visit that my TSH results had increased over quite a short period of time resulting in my dose of Levothyroixine being increase from 50mcg to 75mcg. But should I be worried about there being some other underlying problem or if the mild cold like symptoms part of this along with the thirsty periods.

Any comments will be very much appreciated.

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Hi ElaineR.

I was really interested to read your post because for the last three weeks I feel as if I am coming down with a cold. A runny nose sometimes. A headache and sore eyes sometimes. Not a sore throat as such but slight strange feeling when I swallow. And definitely a fuzzy head. To me it almost feels like an allergic reaction to something but I cannot work out what. I was diagnosed in August 2012.

Do you have antibodies? I was wondering if this happens when the thyroid us under attack? I had a dose increase four weeks ago from 50 to 75 mcgs. My TSH had risen from 0.5 to 7.4 in two and a half months. Still feeling many hypo symptoms at present and not feeling the benefit of the increase at all yet.


I had a cold 3 weeks ago nothing came of it then got another 1 straight after, , woke up with a swollen face went to Gp turned out I had an infection due to my sinuses now on antibiotics just cant stop blowing my nose was full of cold had a sore throat fever and really bad headache on the mend now still think it's to do with our immune system.

I assume I have antibodies but not really sure, how do you know? I was diagnosed in November 2011 my TSH in March 2012 was around 3.75 but could convince the GP that I wasn't normal. When I went back around July my TSH level was around 7.5 so that's when the dose was increased to 75mcg.

The results after the increase was around 3.4 (i think) but I did actually feel quite well in the few months before Christmas, I managed a weight loss of 1 1/2 stone and was sleeping well (for a change) and the only problems really was dry skin and some hair loss so I was quite happy to live with that. Maybe it's come back so quickly because my TSH level hasn't been suppressed enough. I just can't tell you how many time's I've said "I feel as if I've got a cold coming" and I feel like that for months and months but doesn't really develope into a cold as it does when I do actually get a cold and I am so thirsty.

Hope you start to feel better soon, can't wait for 20th March, just don't want to go back too soon incase the TSH is still in the normal range, although I really don't think it is as I feel as bad as I did when it was around 7.5. x

Hi everyone,

Its nice to (well not really)to hear that I'm not going mad. I've felt rubbish for about a month now and looking at the comments its just my numbers playing up. My skin is gone splodgy, tired and fed up, generally not wanting to play the game. My doc says its the menopause, I'm 45, but my T,s have changed to above 1 and down to 15. So that's why.

I hope you feel well soon and its good to know we're not on our own in this.


Hello! So I know this is a really, really old post but I am SO OVERJOYED that I found your post because I have been dealing with the SAME symptoms here lately in the middle of this crazy pandemic. I have been paranoid every time that it is Covid and well, it isn't. All of my blood work is normal. The only thing super low was my b12 and I got that up, but I still feel weird. Lump in throat feeling when I swallow, a weird tingling and tightness deep in my chest like I am about to get sick, chronic cold sores in my nose, nervousness, fatigue, constipation, nausea at times, dizziness. Almost as if I am coming down with a cold or the flu but I never actually get sick. I feel the "sickness" deep in my chest, but it never comes. I had a thyroid ultrasound recently and it was completely normal, the size of it, no nodules. I recently caught my Free T3 level at 5.6 and the upper cut off value of the range is 3.9 so that seems high. Was it your thyroid that was causing your crazy symptoms? Or did you find anything out? I am desperate. Been struggling with these symptoms for months and doctors don't seem to have a clue. Any help would be AMAZING!!! Thank you so much!! Much love, light, happiness and luck to all!!

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