These are my yellowing nails does anyone else get this😢

These are my yellowing nails does anyone else get this😢

It's embarrassing I get like yellowing nails which have a rim of pink at the top...not sure it's terrys nails. Getting worried as these are usually signs of hyper not hypo and I already had a liver function test and they said it was in normal range although not so convinced as I was told my thyroid function was a little low . Sorry for pic guys x

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  • No moons are a sign of B12 deficiency.

  • I thought so but my new docs won't have it going to get my full blood wrk panel done off that website I keep being told about I know it cost but at least I can confront my doc and show it to her face x

  • Here are my results as of ringing the doctor this morning Monday 6th July 2015 that I promised to put on xxx


    Made me laugh when the nurse read saying she thought my thyroid was a little low as my the readings are as follows

    TSH ( 92.95)

    T4 (6.4)

    This is after being on 175 mcg levo for god knows how low long hence the reason she whacked my levo up to 225mcg and funnily I'm not feeling any different. When I get enough money I will have to pay private to get this complete blood panel to be done. I'm no expert on results but surely these results are not right. Am looking in to trying ND does anyone think this is advisable see as levo is obviously is not working for me. Oh just another question does this look like hashimotos thyroiditis? ?? X ty in advance. I was told they were the only 2 results they had checked. X

  • No moons is a sign of Hashis.

  • Really OMG I thought that. Will they ever come back or is that it xx

  • Mine never have, and they've been gone for years, I'm afraid.

  • I'm just worried as they a replaced on my big thumb where they should be with a purply pink colour which says can be linked to heat disease.

  • I think nails are only a rough guide, you need other elements to make a diagnosis. However, your heart could be suffering due to low T3.

  • Will make a urgent appointment with doc as getting scared no

  • Now even x

  • No, Don't be scared, just get things checked. But, most of all get your thyroid checked.

  • I have no moons (except on thumbs) but no antibodies and B12 over 1000.

  • Have you never had antibodies, Angel? No TPOab and no TgAB?

  • Only had them tested once. None of either. I think my problems are earlier in the process, although I did have a very small goitre when I was in my teens.

  • Well, the way it was explained to me was that it's the hyper phase of Hashi's that puts pressure... Nah, thinking about it, that doesn't make sense, either. Because if that were the case, all those with Graves would be moonless, as well... But I Don't think they are, are they?

    Got me thinking now, I shall have to do a little research...

    One thing is certain : I Don't have moons except on my thumbs. I have Hashi's and my B12 is low. My moons disappeared in my early 30s. Strange thing is, it didn't bother me at the time. But I'm pretty sure I had my first hyper phase long before that. So, none of it makes any sense. lol

  • I read that hyper have large moons and hypo none. But it can also be related to low iron (which I have - well, low ferritin anyway). Also found this on nails in general:

  • Yes, you're right. Just found this, which is interesting :

    It suggests that low iodine can be the culpret, but I know that my iodine is anything but low! So, can't be that... In fact, come to think of it, they disappeared about the time I started supplementing with iodine...

    Anyway, got to take the dog to the vet now, so will have another look when I get back. :)

  • Lol I've only got them on my thumbs also ha ha

  • We-ell, it would appear to be some sort of deficiency.

  • 92.95!!!!!!! Do you know if you have antibodies? Don't you think you should Ask To Be Referred to a Consultant as well as full tests?? In writing, I think. That always spooks them, because there is evidence for legal proceedings should anything go wrong.

    Thanks for the nails' pic. Do you think the pink at the top is because your nails are curving down at the end? Mine are. With pronounced Beau's (horizontal) lines on the right thumb. If we can see these changes on the bits of our bodies which are visible, what kind of changes are happening inside?

  • I know shocked at the results the nurse said they were slightly low lol think she needs glasses lol. I had a letter today to say they are ready for me to make an appointment with a endo...although I had to fight to even get her to refer me to a specialist. I was scared it was terrys nails which is associated with cirrhosis liver disease and heart problems. The lunula which is the whitemail moons are a pinky / purple can be signs of heart failure scared living day lights outta of me. X

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