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Thyroid function test

Hi can someone please explain to me the result of my thyroid function test and also why it says from the 14/12/2012 note thyrid reference ranges are now age related.

It says that TFT's indicate appropriate T4 replacement therapy.

They read Serum 2.92n

Serum TSH Level 2.92 mu/L (0.25-5.00 U) NK ST2

Sample collection date 12/12/2012 time 13.54.00

Recieved by lab 21/12/2012 time 17.08.00

Lab issue 24/12/2012 time 08.45.00

Received date 24/12/2012 time 10.17.54

Thank you Kerry greatly appreciated.

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Can you let us know which NHS lab handled that? I was not aware that anywhere had started doing age-related reference ranges for thyroid tests. So I'd like to find out a bit more.

It has been suggested many times but some of the papers have ended up saying it does not add anything.


Thanks helvella it was the Hereford County Hospital.


Hi Kezzerb

That TSH looks a bit suspect anyway to me. It's middle to upper in the quoted range, which is really not good enough according to Dr Toft. (One day soon they are going to withdraw that book...)

AGE-related? What's this? 'DNR' under a new disguise? So not only are they now telling people what is 'normal' but telling them at what rate their body should age! I've heard before the idea that less throxine is needed by the 'elderly' but who are these 'elderly'? There are 80-year-old marathon runners and 40-year-old couch potatoes (probably starved of thyroxine).

I remember my doctor told me several times before agreeing to a Levo increase that I should be growing old gracefully, and at 68 I would never feel 48 again. I replied 'True, but why should I have to feel 88? Why should I feel so tired all the time?' The doctor replied: 'Some people are - well - just TIRED'

Thanks mate.


Thank you Marram but I am only 52 years old. I am waiting on a appointment to see a private endo Dr B in Warickshire. All I know is I don't now what is going on with my body I am freezing cold on the inside all the time and I have terrible pain in my neck back bottom hips and down my legs when I sit down I struggle to get up it's very painful. Also I keep having dizzy spells that make me feel sick. I have fybromyalgia and sjogrens syndrome too. Thank you for you explanation.


Sorry if I gave the impression I thought you were 68, I was referring to myself then. It was in response to the suggestion that the 'normal' ranges of TSH should be adjusted for age. Also, I was actually quoting what my doctor said in November last year!

But it is possible that if you are optimally treated for your thyroid you will lose many of the fibromyalgia symptoms. I do hope so, anyway. What a blessing it would be.


Thank you marram it's all gobbeldy gook to me the test result reading there are so many people being kept in the dark. But I suppose if they made us knowledgable they would then know we know they have been holding back on something. When I was in Libya before I was evacuated I saw a doctor there she said that all thyroid problems should be tested every 4 weeks and all sufferers shoud be under the care of a endocrinolgist. It seems the NHS just take the thyroid so lightly and yet the body cannot function properly when it is effected. I beleive there is something damaging people there is such a rise throughout the world. It used to be the case that the higher risk were in countries where the diet did not have enough iodine in thier diet. I beleive it will be chemical related bar the one like my step sister that was born with it because the cord was around her neck. At nine months old she was still like a month old baby. In those days Hypothyroidism was very rare it took my a year to get my sister diagnosed eventualy after seeing three specialist it was a specialist at the Bristol Frenchay Hospital that diagnosed it. My mother told me that there was a time many years ago it was put down to a name called cretanism. It doesn't bare thinking about how many people were incarcerated in to mental asylums and I beleive that there have been many that have been labelled with dimentia that could have only had hypothyroidism. There is something not right especially as so many thyroid sufferers have the same symptoms and the fact we have no other choice but to follow their guide lines. I think GP's should be made to retrain every four months they have benefited from the system they should be giving back. They do not keep up to date once they have qualified they just follow their medical hand book and go by what big Pharma advises on what drug is for what. I truly hope all thryroid sufferers are taken seriously through the petitions however I beleive it will be a rocky road as big pharma wont like it or even the powers that be. I believe this is why the gov is trying to push for privatising the NHS because the negliences and incompetances are showing up more and more and by privatising it they will get away with big claims against the system. The old ways were the best ways if it worked why change it. I would sooner have a herbal remedy than any synthasised chemical. I hope you don't mind me harping on but I feel strongly about it all as the big pharma companies and GP surgeries lets face it they are just money making unempathetic I truly hope they get a conscience and awaken to what has been going on for such a long time. I beleive by keeping thyroid sufferers not fully aware and not fully well they know there will always be customer.

Any fight the good fight love and Peace Kerry


This paper:

Is what I was thinking about. Suggests that it is not worth changing ranges for older people as so few would actually be reclassified. There is a small but general increase in TSH with age. But TSH can vary by around 1.0 simply by using a machine from another manufacturer.

I cannot find that lab's handbook online. (In my mind, all lab handbooks should be online.)


Rod - Kerry has replied below.. Just in case you missed it. :-)



Thank helvella hopefully my endo appointment will come through soon.


Hi Helvella sorry for being ignorant but why have you sent me that link. I do not understand where I am with my thyroid test result I asked if someone could explain the result but I am still in the dark. The age related thing you seemed to be more interested in I am confused by what you are saying. Does that mean because of my age I need not be taking the levothyroxine because of my age.

Thanks Kerry


Kerry, don't forget, to reply to someone in particular, you have to make sure to click on 'reply to this'. :-)




Like thanks


Trouble is, we do not have sufficient information to say more than marram did.

Your TSH result is too high. That is saying, you are probably hypothyroid need more thyroid hormone. Typically it would be appropriate to increase dose by, say 25 mcg. And test again in, maybe, four to six weeks.

But it would be nice to have a Free T4 test result as well because that would help confirm the interpretation. TSH alone can be misinterpreted for various reasons.

The age-related thing is saying that in the opinion of the people who wrote that paper, age-related ranges (within adults) are not going to help much and probably are not worth using. (Though they are between children and adults.)



Thank you rod. I have heard back from Dr B secretary I have to ring tomorrow. I missed the calll her secretary left a message. I went to see the GP tonight because the pain I have been getting this past week has been very intense to the point it makes me cry. It was a complete waste of time he said that because there are so many symptoms and you have so many clinical illnesses there is nothing he can do. He said I was doing the best thing seeing Dr B. he did try to offer me amitriptaline but I refused it. I cannot take any anti depressant. He told me to keep taking naproxen. I told him that there is a lot of controversy concerning hypothyroidism and fibromyalgia he said there certainly is. I said what exactly is fibromyalgia he said he didn't know. Either doctors are clamming up on the subject or he was admitting he really didn't know. I think the latter as he has been a GP for many years surely he would know about it? Given what you have said about the thyroid TSH being to high I must admit when I was on 200 I actually had less symptoms and functioned better. i certainly had more energy and less fybromyalgia, however I was told it was too much and was to cut back to 175 i was feeling good on that but the doctor said I needed to go on to 125 and said we don't want your eyes bulging. I have often wondered if I would be better midway. It would be interesting to compare all my thyroid blood test results the past four years. i have only ever seen the recent ones I requested. Thanks to advice on here.

I also believe I have periods where It fluctuates from hypo to hyper that is probably true of a lot of people I think that occurs all depending on diet as it has been said that certain foods can effect the way the thyroxine is absorbed in the body. Anyway hopefully Dr B will help me. Is there anything you can advise Dr B should be made aware of.

Regards Kerry


If he said that about eyes bulging he needs retraining. Start with the potty...


(Sorry for shouting - I am so annoyed at HIM - not you!)

It is believed to an auto-immune issue - not a hormone issue.

People with autoimmune thyroid disease very often have variability and go up and down regularly.

Never forget that if, for example, 200 was a bit too much and 175 was a bit too little, then alternating 175 one day, 200 the next is perfectly viable. And your doctor should be discussing medicine changes with you - not telling you that you must change.

My advice is to write everything down. Go through it carefully and try to make it short - but complete and accurate. And hope he knows his stuff. Surely he can't be worse than the GP? And keep your fingers crossed.


Thanks Rod sorry it got your heart rate up. By the way the GP that said that was an American locum.

Do you after going to the doctors tonight I felt I do not want to go to a NHS doctor ever again if I can help it.

Take care Kerry


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