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as somebody that has a long term partner,over 30 years , who has never had any main health problems that was eventually diagnosed with hyperthyroidism ,and very soon with a major lung problem---9 litres of fluid in the right lug that was then drained at 'barts' under operation -----i had virtually no knowledge of thyroid problems or the compounded effects....that are far reaching.....i would like to thank all on this site for the help,advise,support and above all information that i have learned . i am certain that we all as like minded people can help others that will be affected by this problem in the future. keep the faith and ALWAYS remember ......THANK ALL OF YOU FOR YOUR COMPASSION FROM ALL WHO NEED IT

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  • Mostly all on this forum have a story to tell and by reading others' experiences you get a far wider knowledge than what affects oneself.

    I found it a very big learning curve as I had no knowledge whatsoever of the function of the thyroid gland. I am now fine through Thyroiduk and hope your partner has a very good Endo who will return him to good health.

    The problem is that we don't all fit into the 'box' that the current guidelines presume..

  • I agree this thyroid problems differ from person to person. I became very ill last May and was diagnosed with Graves. I thought it would be sorted. But like many people I seem to take one step forward and two back. But reading these blogs helps so much as we are not alone and we can all support each other.

  • Hi Alan I agree this site is fab along with everyone on it that makes it special. I hope you and ur partner are finding comfort and that your partners health will improve .

  • hello helen, i cannot agree any more with either my previous comments or yours about this site. as someone that untill recently had always thought of 'thyroid problems' as relatively minor [and can be treated simply with --a few tablets ---] i have now learned so much more from this site alone . i have , in the past 2weeks taken the correct steps to question a hospital doctor....who wanted her to stop taking ALL medication for 5 weeks prior to her next appt.,she has now been refered to barts hosp. [which under nhs rules is available to all patients who wish to be refered to an alternative trust of their choice] .....maybe we have an excellent gp as well as friends on this site......but if i can do it so can anyone because i am no differant to anyone else......we hope your keeping well and always remember to keep the faith and that none of us are alone or in despair while this site can put us together.

  • Having been both hyper and hypo I find it hard to decide which is worse.

    I will say though, that I congratulate anyone who lives with a hyper individual because that person has to be very forgiving of the volatile temperament of the hyperthyroid partner.

    And anyone who lives with a hypothyroid individual has to be prepared to wait for lunch!


  • Or just get on with it him/herself...

  • marram, thank you for your comments. but as i have always been the ,one who cooks' in the family, and happy to do it,i have never had that problem . but i do understand your comments.and as i have been with my lady for 32yrs [without a piece of paper] and still going strong WECAN ALL OVERCOME the trials of what life selects for us with i stated on my previous missive,which is why i am so grateful for the support of all on this site------because we are all in this together and trying to help others

  • Lol

  • Lol that is so funny, and very true, hubby just cooks his own now lol

  • twinks, glad i may have put a smile on your face---you need it more than me ----but i mean 'other half 'cannot cook and admits it [thats what i signed up for 32yrs ago [how many more mirrors did i break..ha ha ] .......just remember to make sure your other half cooks YOUR dinner for you more than you do for them.......YOU NEED MORE FUSSING OVER !!!!!!!!......and always remember even in your dark times HUBBY LOVES YOU MORE THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE-------THATS WHY HE'S STILL THERE...have fun and enjoy what you've got together LOL

  • He drives me mad I love him to bits though, 34 yrs, I'm glad when he goes out for a bit of peace he can't find anything he just puts down and its me got brain fog lol, but I miss him went he's out. See that sounds so soppy. He only cooks his dinner I can starve lol I can't eat spicy things yuk.

  • not at all soppy,just truthful....question though how come after 34yrs you havn't trained him to cook YOUR dinner my other half had me cooker trained in less than a month !!!!! always remember to give him a big hug whenever you can coz you both need and deserve it lol

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