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So according to a report in the DT - "People who ate around 34 grams of whole grains per 1000 kcal per day lowered their risk of premature death by 17 per cent". Now my dad has eaten 2 Weetabix every evening for years and years - it is his 91st birthday this year and he is as fit as a flea so this comes as no surprise. What is a problem is, what do those of us who cannot eat gluten do??? With my Hashi's I don't eat anything with gluten in and oats (even gluten free) make me ill?? I searched to find if Quinoa contains gluten (this was the 'grain' the DT reported on) and apparently it is similar enough to be a problem for those with an immune system problem - welcome to my World!! Back to the drawing board - any ideas??

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  • Starvation diet :)

  • Works for me

  • Next week there'll be a study saying consumption of whole grains causes premature death. Don't worry about it.

    In all seriousness, I doubt it's the whole grains per se - it'll be that people who eat Weetabix regularly are more health conscious (and therefore fitter and healthier in general) and tend to live longer because of other lifestyle choices, not because they eat Weetabix.

    It's always a good idea to look at who funded the study (often food manufacturers) to see whether it's a case of "well, they would claim that, wouldn't they?"

  • Oh, and wheat makes me throw up. Anything that makes me throw up can't be good for me, whatever the papers say! :)

  • I know what you mean and to a certain extent I was writing a bit 'tongue in cheek' except.... the study was done by the Harvard Public School of Health (although no way of knowing who funded it) and although you make a good point about people's general healthy way of life, the report goes on to say

    "They found that those who ate around 1.2 ounces (34 grams) of whole grains per 1000 kcal per day lowered their risk of premature death by 17 per cent.

    The findings remained even when allowing for different ages, smoking, body mass index and physical activity."

    It is something I suffer from - an ability to believe everything I am told (not a good thing) - I was drinking warm water with fresh lemon every morning for months until I read that lemon can exacerbate RA symptoms, but I had wondered for a while whether the supper my day had was conducive to his ongoing good health.

  • :)

    Until relatively recently, I was the same. I blame the Internet for educating me. ;)

    My Dad has eaten Weetabix every day for over 50 years. It seems to suit him well too! He's 72, still works full time, does his garden every weekend and has a girlfriend who's 19 years younger than he is. He's a great advert for Weetabix, actually...

  • Erm, seriously (or are you reacting to my ability to believe everything I am told?) lol

  • LOL, which bit - about my Dad? All true! :)

    I wish I had his energy...

    Maybe I should eat Weetabix - push on through the vomiting... (Now I'm kidding :D)

  • My friend's dad ate Weetabix every day and died at 55. It's probably not the Weetabix, but the physical exercise as a child and adult that we don't get nowadays.

    My uncle (my dad's twin brother) does not eat Weetabix and is still active at nearly 95).

  • OK point taken - not a certainty by any means - maybe I am just looking for a reason to eat the stuff again (sob).

  • Loobs, a little of what you fancy does you good! But Don't force yourself to eat things you Don't like on the pretext that 'it's good for you'. If you Don't like it, it's probably for a reason.

  • Quinoa isn't a grain; it is a seed, so cannot contain gluten - doesn't mean you can't be allergic to it, though.

  • Exactly. Apparently, the plant is related to beetroot and spinach. So, enjoy! :) Personally, I hate the stuff! Could that be because I'm Hashi's??? As I said, if you Don't like something, it's for a reason.

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