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thanks for my first responses

Hello all,

I just want to thank the five of you who took the time to reply to me. It made my day. Sorry I haven’t got back & this is brief. I’m just taking 5 mins out from my work time and come an evening after I’ve gone for a walk after work, had a shower & dinner, and watched Masterchef (how lovely are the final three?!), I’m nodding off on my sofa, barely having the energy to wipe my make up off, take out my lenses etc and crawl into bed…

Ok, I’m all set to go in armed with info / extracts from Dr Toft etc next time. From my experience, the NHS don’t like it if you know what you’re talking about, but I’ll keep trying all of the drs in my new surgery until I find one who is willing & keen to read the info / evidence / case studies that I present to them. I may need to book a double appt!! My next blood tests are Thurs 26th, so reckon I’ll see a doc on 01 September – I’ll keep you posted. I have already booked my bloodtest for lunchtime, as I definitely think later in the day does give an unmasked result and I won’t take my levothyroxine on that am.

I’m also set this weekend to get my new food processor / blender out and make lots of soups for next week to take to work. I’ve really got to try, even if my metabolism doesn’t want to play ball yet.

I especially need to kerb the carbs as I recently had a hair mineral analysis (with my winnings from Spain winning the world cup!), which showed that my body isn’t a fan of wheat or yeast (dairy was ok), so that should be even more incentive for me to get on with it.

Anyway, best sign off for now.

Look forward to finding some time to read up properly on all of your overviews / stories…

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Hi again,

Dr. Toft used to be the Queen's physician when she was in Scotland!

Good luck with your test's etc. The later in the day you hav your tests, the lower the TSH test results, so to get on to higher medication, you may want to go early in the day next time.


I didn't know that about Dr Toft!

Our TSH is at it's highest around 3am apparently so the earlier we get blood taken, the better, I go to my local hospital as they open at 8am


Hi Muffy,

Thanks for your advice re earlier rather than later re the blood tests...I've obviously got my wires crossed somewhere there....I'll move my appt time for sure.

ps - Queen was in good hands then!


Hi, Why is is that all of us are having problems with the Drs and clinics. I wasn't told anything, except "you are hypothroid whatever and I will start you on 50mcg". No information whatsoever as to what it does, how we can help ourselves etc etc. When I did ask a nurse, she said "have you got internet". It's not good enough. I have spent all of this year crying, feeling tired, not wanting to get up, suicidal. I was offered antidepressants before I was diagnosed hypothyroid on about 6 occasions. I kept telling them that there was something not right. Even shouting at one. I actually showed a problem in 2006 (last Dr found it) but I was told on following Blood test it had gone back to normal. Now I am thinking I have probably had this all that time. Anyway, that is my rant. Bless you all. I know we will all get better eventually, its just the difficulties. It could be made so much easier. Carol


Carol, I have gone through exactly what you are saying, it's horrendous for people to have to suffer like this in this century.. I actually had a thyroid storm in the renal clinic it wasn't until that happened and everyone panicked did a blood test and found out I had Graves disease.. Did anyone sit up and take notice even though I was passing out having massive nose bleeds shaking so badly I couldn't even hold a cup. I thought I had parkinson's disease and all the Dr's kept saying was don't know why all this is happening its not the kidneys causing this. I don't know or understand why people still have to get to almost death or go crazy before action is taken its a simple blood test its not rocket science.



I remember going to the Dr continually when i was younger (diagnosis at 22 years old) but they could never pick up on anything. I went in one day for my pill and as i was taking the prescription from him i remember saying to him in a half hearted manner "and can you tell me why i shake all the time like that" his answer was somthing like "il tell you what you have you have an overactive thyroid gland, you have the classic symptoms and i know because i have just been on a course". I was so far gone i had to have a cocktail of drugs for quite a while and not one doctor picked up on it and i believe he only did because he had recently been on that course.

I also find that doctors dont like you going in telling them what you think you have. Well in my opinion if i had had access to websites all those years ago i would have known what was wrong with me instead of thinking i was going out of my mind and resigned myself to the fact that i was dying cos you couldnt feel this bad and be ok.


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