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Chronic Dehydration and hypo? Link to cortisol? Pituitary function tests listed - any ideas? Please jump in and comment!

I suffer chronic dehydration. My pH is always acidic. My specific gravity is always high and reads I've severe dehydration. I've tried alkalizing drops, dessicated adrenal support and DHEA. And no matter what type (T4, NDT or T3) or dose level of thyroid replacement I take it does not alter.

Reading an old nursing book got me thinking. My cortisol is 'normal' e.g. it's in range:

Serum Cortisol.....................................460nmol/L ...........(200-700)

-----9.00am reference range

The rest of my pituitary tests are listed exactly as written:

R Hormones / TFT

(JAC) all pituitary tests normal...

Serum FSH level ...................................3 IU/L................. (1-10)

Serum LH level ......................................2 IU/L................. (1-13)

Serum prolactin level .............................377 mIU/L ..........(50-600)

-----ICE Info. Ix for possible Pituitary Tumour

R LMP........... not stated

But maybe this serum cortisol level is low for me? No matter how much I drink I don't seem to hydrate. So it has to be something blocking this body function and the effect of cortisol on the hypothalamus control of hydration may be possibly a route to the problem.

Also I don't know what the comment about 'Ix for a possible pituitary tumour' means. Any ideas?

And the FSH and LH are at the bottom of the scale. Is this a problem? Is this affecting hydration maybe?

Any ideas on this would be most appreciated. I've lost 1.5 inches in height which will be disc dehydration and I'm only 38. I don't seem to be getting much support from doctors about this. So any comments will be appreciated. And if you take the time to add something then thank you very much :)


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Hi Well I cannot help much. The ix is Roman 9 for the 9 hormones of the pituitary gland. i assume you ar not on any diuretics, and also to state the obvious tried drinking, mainly water up to at least 1 and a half litres, ever 24 hours? I need more or I have acute renal failure. What are your U`s and E`s? Especially Potassium ( dehydration ) and GFR which shows kidney failure, if below 50 needs attention. Or above up to 65 needs checking. When acute renal failure ( coma ) mine is 25 or below.Are you seeing an endo? Are you sure they are good? A lot of this eg cortisol is endocrinology. In any case a good starting point for some of your symptoms and also I would say a nephrolgist ( kidney) specialist too., if kidneys Ok they might not be if this is not sorted.Regarding thyroid , make sure you have had TSH, T4 and Free T3 tested.The tests that you show are all normal range. I hope that is some help.A very low TSH is often thought to be Pituitary gland. Mine is unmeasurable but Pituitary fine. T4 and free T3 would be very low, especially FT3 without treatment.

Best wishes,



Me again, I do not recognise your name. if new to the site and want to reply to anyone, click on "Reply to this".



Hi, Maybe I'm stating the obvious, so forgive me. You are drinking water and not coffee tea and alcohol? I have a bladder disease, and I have to keep well hydrated as I get more pain if I'm not. I have noticed many times that if I haven't been drinking properly it can take me up to 3 weeks to a)feel improved b) have the colourless urine I have to aim for. If you sweat a lot you obviously need to take in more water. I do aim for a minimum of 2 litres. My urologist said I could go up to 3 litres without harm.


Thanks Helcaster,

Yeah I drink a lot 2 to 3 liters. I drink dilute juice or water with a twist of lemon in it. I also ensure it's filtered water, not water straight from the tap. I drink tea and coffee as well but decaffeinated. It's the caffeine that causes the dehydration from these substances. The same is true for diet sodas which have high caffeine too and of course alcohol.

I have terrible pains in my stomach/bowel though and I also suffer terrible constipation and I hardly sweat at all. Sometimes my urine can be very dark despite what I drink. Where the water goes I don't know. I can often have edema in the legs and arms though. O_o


Gosh that sounds terrible! I have read that sugar can dehydrate you. Have you tried just plain water for a few days and see if there's a difference? I can't understand you retaining fluid but have really dark urine. Have you been tested for diabetes?

I find it's best to drink a good glass full every hour, rather than when you sit in the evening (like I do sometimes!) and think oops I haven't had enough to drink, and then glug down a litre or so late at night. I think pacing your drinking may help? I always have to take water to bed because I can't cope with the big gap between bedtime and breakfast.

Re constipation, I have porridge everyday for breakfast, but if I don't drink with it, I can get very constipated. If I'm getting very uncomfortable I use Holland & Barratt Regucol. It's basically psyllium husk powder with "good" bacteria added. You store it in your fridge. It makes your poo soft and encourages you to clear you bowel. You have to drink a lot on top of this or you'll get worse. It's a bit like drinking saw dust, but if you gulp it down it's not too bad! I like it because there are no flavouring or sweeteners added. Sweet potato instead of regular ones are nice and fibrous, I eat brown basmati rice, wholewheat pasta and bread with seeds, it does help, pears are good too.

Are you able to move around much to help the edema in your legs?

What has your doctor said about all this?

Hugs. X

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You need to get on a thyroid and pituitary Glandular. These glandulars help to re activate the glands.


Just a thought, do you eat a lot of salt? I get terrible salt cravings, but have to work really hard to keep it in check!!


Silly question, but you do no salt is essential to your body, don't you. Low salt diets are really bad news for the adrenals, and the adrenals control water. Too little salt can cause water retention because when the water leaves the body, the salt goes with it, so the body hangs on to as much water as it can to keep the precious salt.



Forgot to say, if you have salt cravings your adrenals might be in trouble and perhaps you just aren't eating enough salt.


Hi Grey, I so hear what you're saying. I'm having sea salt and my partner just doesn't understand that I need this salt! If he cooks he doesn't season, I have to put salt on or I can't eat it. I never used to be like this. My sense of taste has definitely altered. I'm now putting a small pinch in my porridge while he's at work, lol!!

I did discuss my adrenals with Dr Skinner last week. My blood pressure was too high in his opinion to have an adrenal problem. I do think I do though, I'm going to get it tested, I was on steroids for 6 years, injections every 6 months into 3 different joints for arthritis. I haven't slept through the night in 20 years. I've done various quizzes about symptoms, and it always comes up with adrenal problems. The Levo hasn't worked so I am questioning all this now.

I'm now on NDT plus Levo on Dr Skinner's advice. He wants me to go on T3 but I'm worried about the cost.


Well, I'm amazed to hear that Dr Skinner said that! My blood pressure has always been high - practically all my life - low thyroid can do that for you because the arteries become hard (nothing to do with cholesterole of which I have virtually nothing) - but it didn't stop me having an adrenal problem. Hmpf! He has just lowered in my esteem.

I don't understand people that can eat without salt. Berk!!! I come from a family of high salt eaters - all hypo - and I think food tastes... not very nice if it isn't cooked with salt. lol Salt is a flavour enhancer, it brings out the flavour, makes everything much nicer. As I have a problem with eating anyway (don't like it!) I would starve to death if I didn't use salt.


Hi Grey, I even have to take the salt with me if we go for fish and chips, lol! My blood pressure has really crept up in recent years. I was 120/80 for donkey's years. I do steam vegetables so it's hard to add salt at this stage, so yes I do salt my food when it's cooked.

I'm going to get tested, lack of sleep, stress, trauma and chronic pain has to have a knock on effect. He's acknowledging now the levo has done so little, even on 200mcg. My tongue remains swollen and my cholesterol just hasn't moved, plus the dry skin etc etc is all just the same as 2 years ago.


Ahhhhhh fish and chips! How I miss it!!!

Don't forget the vinager! lol


No vinegar, poo, it hurts my bladder. Really miss it! So sorry you can't have some. As the chip shop is miles away we eat them in the car. Hot date or what!!


lol I do that with my brother when I go over to visit him. Nearest decent fish and chip shop (my brother is very fussy) is in Hythe. So we get our bundles of hot delight and drive somewhere over-looking the sea to eat them. It's heaven!

Sorry, deskplant, for hijacking your thread for what sounds like very frivolous nattering! Have you tried upping your salt intake?





Adrenal fatigue is usually due to low pregnenolone hormone of the pituitary. Amazing how a

supplement of this hormone before noon will relieve the fatigue and dehydration. It travels to

the thyroid which needs the selenium and iodine (kelp will do), With these two minerals and the

hormone, things seem to go back in balance, for me.


Very interesting indeed. Where did you get the supplement - is it from your doctor or do you buy over the counter csparke?


Over the counter, usually a Vitamin Store, not a pharmacy.


Chronic dehydration, especially with fluid retention and high blood pressure, make me think "electrolytes". There is a connection with the adrenals - there's another hormone produced by the adrenals called aldosterone that controls electrlolyte balance.

These are easily and often measured by doctors. I guess they've already look at that?

I found this article on aldosterone at STTM:


Thanks for this poing. No they haven't looked at this at all. Hmm. you got me thinking. So very seriously, thanks for taking the time to post this answer. Mxx


You're welcome. Also I gather that some kinds of kidney problems cause electrolyte imbalances.

Hope you get it sorted.



Jackie, did you ever find any resolutions?


Sorry, I meant to address original poster Deskplant.

Did you ever find any resolution?


I have suffered from similar issues and finally a friend was diagnosed with dysautonomia. We had the same symptoms so I requested testing from my doctor. He didn't take me seriously(it's a "rare" disease). It turns out I had it and began treatment. It is treatable but not curable. Look up the symptoms. Check your blood pressure standing up. Getting this treated helped with many other health issues that I didn't know was related. Mostly chemical sensitivities were helped but other issues were helped too. I didn't have enough blood in my body because I don't regulate the salt concentration of my blood. Dysautonomia has many symptoms, check it out.


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