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Predictive Antibody Testing Facilitates Early Detection of Autoimmune Disorders

For those dealing with autoimmune disorders I thought you might find this article interesting. It talks about the progress made in developing new testing methods to recognise the condition earlier. The hope of course is that the sooner you know the more you can do to correct and mitigate the development. It also talks about the genetic influence versus other factors. PR

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It is interesting. I wish it went on more about what they are going to do - in detail - when they find the autoimmune issues nice and early?



Rod, I too would like more information on what interventions are effective. The only one they really mention is "Lifestyle changes aimed at minimizing trigger antigen, and holistic strategies to restore optimal GI barrier function could significantly reduce the burden of illness, even in people with strong genetic predispositions." There was no mention of LDN or electrical muscle stimulation or anything else. Perhaps I will email them and suggest that as a topic for a future article. I was talking to a friend this weekend, I have known her and her husband for almost 50 years, and she told me she was dealing with MS, something she had never mentioned before. A few years ago she woke up one morning and couldn't get out of bed, that got her attention. One of her friends with MS had mentioned LDN but she had not looked into it so I did what we do, and sent her some links so she could read up on it. I would love to send more info on what interventions are effective so if you happen to come across anything please post. PR

Reply mentions the connection with MS and low VITD....

I do believe a healthy gut is the secret to everything. I had/have Crohns and Hashimotos. Working hard with the Kefir at the moment.


Marz, thanks for the link. PR


Marz I agree with you, healthy gut is the way forward x


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