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Interesting series of documentary about Autoimmune Disease like Hashimoto´s and Graves - FREE


Just came across this and wanted to let people know about it, 7 parts series starts tomorrow, you can access each episode for 24 hrs. Very interesting topics!

Nov 14th: Episode 1- The Autoimmune Epidemic: Root Causes and Solutions

Nov 15th: Episode 2- Intestinal Permeability: The Gateway to Autoimmunity

Nov 16th: Episode 3- The Microbiome: Where Health and Disease Begin and End

Nov 17th: Episode 4- Autoimmune Diseases of the Gut: The Role of Food and Digestion

Nov 18th: Episode 5- Environmental Toxins: The Hidden Drivers of Disease

Nov 19th: Episode 6- Autoimmune Diseases of the Brain: A New Approach to Neurology

Nov 20th: Episode 7- Case Studies: Bringing it All Together

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Looks interesting, but i cant see how/where to register?

I found it at the bottom of.the screen

I tried but have been caught out before i.e. costing money, so I never finished the registration, sorry.

Doesn´t cost anything! :-) But I know what you mean... I´m watching the first episode right now.

This looks amazing! Thanks for sharing....

The first episode is up! Very interesting!! It´s only up for 24 hours...that means until 1 or 2 am tonight, since it was launched 6 pm PST in USA.

Here is the link I got:

I tried again and watched the first one today it's amazing thank you so much. By the way it's FREE!

Glad you liked it, todays episode is really interesting !

Hi I have just watched the second episode it's so interesting. It makes you wonder and try to reason why no one has realized the importance of the gut versus health issues long before this. It takes just a few determined people to send the word out.

I know!! It´s a bit annoying! I guess it shows us how important it is to be your own Doctor and be constantly learning how do deal with your health.