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Myxedema or Myxoedema (as you say in the UK) and Fluid Retention

Rod posted an interesting paper earlier dealing with the chemistry behind fluid retention.

This is an article from a holistic health mag that also talks about fluid retention and other

clinical presentations of low thyroid. It also has some interesting pictures to illustrate the physical symptoms. PR

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Another very good paper. Despite umpteen visits to medical professionals before being diagnosed, the only two doctors who looked at my tongue were Dr P and D. S. Before diagnosis I wondered why it was becoming difficult to speak - my tongue was so awkward. I have since read of quite a few with enlarged tongues, some seriously so.


I guess you can thank Noah Webster for that?

Yep - those pictures do paint quite a picture.


That's my tongue! 2nd year on Levo, and it's still exactly the same :-(((


an old post about the scalloped tongue sign


That ought to be required reading for all doctors! How can they even call themselves doctors if they know nothing about hormones??? It's a mystery to me...



Why has none of the Docs at my practice ever looked for any of these? I have just looked at my tongue and it just looks like the picture - never noticed before! My middle toe nail, on both feet, grows and literally falls off! I have mentioned this to each Doc and they aren't concerned, or rather, couldn't care less!

It's a mystery to me too Grey.


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