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Helicobacter Pylori Negative

Hi all

I had really bad stomach problems last month. They end up doing a breath test. My doctor sugary I can see notes. And this was in the entrance. I google it, (didn’t understand it). I’ve you tube it. And they wore going on about the Thyroid as well. Could this be a factor on some of the system I’ve been having.

Does anyone know what and why. And would this cause problems. Helicobacter Pylori Negative. thank you

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In your case, the first port of call should be your GP to explain the test results.

I have found this on Google

although it isn't easy to understand.

Helicobacter Pylori is a bacteria that lives in our gut. We actually need it, but if it gets out of control it can cause stomach problems like ulcers.

The best treatment is to take probiotics that will normalize the levels of H Pylori. IMHO, the worst treatment is to take large amounts of antibiotics that may kill off the H Pylori but upset the natural balance of bacteria in your gut.

Is all this connected with thyroid problems? In my opinion, yes. Most, if not all, physical and mental conditions stem from problems in the stomach and gut.

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Thank you. And I’d read some of it. And still can’t understand. I’d read some more tonight. But it explained a few things when I tried looking it up. why I came up with a skin problem about year and half ago, I’d get bumps come up and they sent me to a specialist to take a look, that stopped. and they couldn’t explain it. And why my antibodies level was playing up and they sent me to another specialist. Before I had my thyroid removed. I had breathing problems and still do. They put it down to asumer. I see my thyroid specialist in January. He might know by then, and I’m sure if it was a big problem the gp. Would of sent out a letter or rang.


When did you have your Thyroid removed. Did your trachea move and did they repair it when they operated. It could be the cause of your breathing problem.


I had breathing problems before my thyroid removed. Ever time I had a cold it went to my chest. I had my thyroid removed in two half’s because they didn’t think the cancer was in the second half and when it was tested it was there. So they removed it all. It was 6cm but it was contained. And after the surgery. My voice was never right. One of the undo students. Was meant to of sent me for a voice test as because I didn’t have one before removing my thyroid. Never ending up getting one. I don’t know if my trachea moved or not. Was never told.


Yes I see that you had chest problems before, sorry.


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