Totally clapped out but enjoying myself nevetheless

Having ingested my nutri thyroid and nutri adrenal extra this morning, followed by breakfast fit for a parrot's cage, (bottom of), I then over zealously progressed to my aspirin pill and LDN dose. I am about to climb up on it again. Next week should see me at 2.5 mg. Small and steady changes and still tolerating it well, and I am sleeping marginally better. My psoriarsis is slightly better and again going in the right direction, which does not sound like much. But I do currently have a urine infection.. and it would normally have sent my skin into orbit by now - with a full itchy and scratchy show. However I do still have a dreadful look on my face, luckily a variety of things have made me snigger.

At times memories come back from nowhere. I felt more than chronically foul this morning, with inflamed spine and other things unmentionable. and for instance as I came too in a most indulgent, banishing bad lady tempers bath - intended to help myself ward off temporary rigor mortis - and help with artic temperatured shopping adventures...My recent Valentines date with my husband, had come flooding back.

I had been well enough to go out for a change, and just as I was about to sink my fangs into my starter.. which arrived as snobby garlic seared scallops, with a pureed pea top and perched on tiny potato cakes, A hilarious local woman known for her lack of word mincing and fog horn voice, stamped up to my table, took one look at my meal and said.. "Oy those look like those toilet duck things you stick on the side of the lav with a plastic stick".... she then proceeded to take over our table for ten minutes giving us a scandalous and animated performance of saucy tinged bellowing gossip of the best kind.

She was so funny I nearly offered to elope with her on the spot. .However luckily I am raving het..and my husband being even more funny. Actually none of my exes look alike - but. do have something in common... if I were line them up from one end of the UK to the others.. oh dear, hang on they might not fit on.. ahem cough, and yes all very different to look at.. what they all have in common is hilarious humour. They were all practice for him.. as I was so determined to get everything right!

This interlude during our supposedly intimate dinner, positioned at the most busy table in the pub made if for us. I had forgotten all about it until today. I think I subconsciously store up funny things.. and then they come out later as a tonic. I am lucky we have been together now for 21 years. Laughter reduces pain. Having recuperated to standing position I then clad myself in previously heated men's thermals.. and prepared to venture out with my best friend dithers. She had arrived the night before like a scene out of the film 'Chocolate'... Blowing in through my front door on a biting east wind, covered in icing sugar snow flakes and bearing gifts with a high coco content and looking deeply suspicious in a mauve beret and a scarf of vastly shaggy proportions.

We settled into a huddle by the fire and swapped stories, a direct contrast to the night before when we had an eight hour power cut and I had cooked dinner in the dark. I did not have much to tell here really, other than the fact that my man had arrived back recently clutching large packets of dusters for me and had done worse things with our woodpile..I flung them straight into his office. However in contrast to my rather boring existence.. I was fed the most delightful story of her plans for a rather exotic adventure.

Dithers I might add wakes me up at the dead of night, just for hearing one of cats on the gravel outside, or a twig on the window in the small hours. Also on our Eastern European adventures.. I have been hauled out of bed to chase mice and rats.. (my man feigns deep sleep at this point, not caring for those to much). I am fine with a big stick.. can do wonders with one of those and look most convincing. So I was treated to a full account of her plans in three weeks to go to an isolated island in the tropics with a friend, a fully deserted island - one house, one boat and surrounded by sharks and marauding pirates.. coupled with a vital need to have her luggage wrapped in cling film before entering the airport. She has promised to keep notes for me on any dithering or excitement which takes place.. No communication there. However she knows fully well that I write about her and may have to divulge probably one of the worst things I have ever done.. which still leave my cheeks smarting, (both sets), if I even think about it! That coupled with another incident which goes right back to teenage years and has a similar effect on me.

Tonight with my man and one kiddie away, we are intending to flop about in front of the fire and have some wine....I just caught her wanting to pick up the chickens and put them to bed, rather than waiting for them to roost.. however it is not that long ago that I got a scolding form the local farmer's wife for wishing to adapt one of my mother's 1950's ribbed thermal knitted tea cozy's into a swing cape styled jacked for a hen that was losing it's feathers temporarily, matching egg cozy as hat!

Life is what I make of it... and currently there is some improvement in all five things, it is very very slow.. but... I am sure there will be further improvements.

Mary F

ps if I get 300 new sigs this week, I will divulge the dreadful stories both of them..:

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  • Another enjoyable read :) Glad to hear things are improving, albeit slowly. I hope things continue in the general direction of "better".

    Take care

    Carolyn x

  • Thanks xxx MF x

  • I need a dithers in my life, am sure the laughter is indeed the best medicine ;-)

    I did similar with an old wollen trivet, tried to fashion a cosy swing for the budgie. He was most offended and pood on it.

    Off to share the change petition a hundred times xx

  • Oh dear.. I am getting worried now! Mary F x

  • Drat, meant woolen.

  • XX

  • What a tonic. I actually laughed out loud - not something I do often! You should write a book.

    Kathy xx

  • Now there is an idea, perhaps a hard backed edition in case I need whack my husband xxx

  • Lol! Seriously though, you should consider it!

  • Ta xxx MF x

  • I'd buy it, and I don't buy much as a skinflint but your wittering always makes me giggle and I do so like to giggle (sadly it often gets me into trouble -at my age 'n all) keep up the good work! J :D

  • Cheers.. M x

  • Maybe - but seriously, I am just reading your other blogs (I am new to this site) and you are extremely funny! You really could write a book - if you had time and felt up to it! Something along the lines of Adrian Mole maybe?

    Kathy xx

  • My god.. are you wading through from day one. I must post you an ward for perseverance with my endless wittering.. tell me when you have read them all and I will post you something xx M x

  • Could be some time by the look of it, but worth every minute!

    Kathy xx

  • ah thanks. M X

  • Lovely to hear your health is going in the right direction., All five! Laughter is a fabulous medicine. It is so important to find the funniness in even the most mundane! Looking forward to your next installment of dreadful divulgements of Dithers and others! Love Caroline x

  • Cheers, same to you. Mary F x

  • Another fun read, Mary! But where is Mr Bouncy Castles these days?

    So glad there is improvement for you. Jan x

    Actually i have been in contact with an old friend who has lupus and she is now in a really bad way. Is LDN usually given to people with lupus? I'm really worried about her.She saw Dr S. years ago, but she gave up on armour-I thought she had a thyroid problem, but she has subsequently been diagnosed with lupus.

  • ah it often goes together.. well I have Lupus also..... she needs to do both probably.. Mr Bouncy Castles.. has moved into a torrid love nest not that many miles ago and has become a firm family friend. Mary F x

  • A torrid love nest sounds exciting!

  • X MF x

  • Just signed - lets hope you've got 300 now - my curiosity is killing me! Loved the blog - I hope we have lots of Dithers stories on her exotic holiday - am keeping all fingers and toes crossed for the LDN to keep on working-all the best.

  • Thanks.. and yes there will be plenty of intrepid dithers reporting, and it is her suggestion that even worse things that I have done must be reported. Mary F x

  • Good for her!X

  • Having a good laugh really is therapeutic, I have flu at moment and feeling a bit yuk but reading your blog puts everything in perspective. Hope the infection clears up soon x

  • Cheers, i have already shoooed it away, faster than usual! However my friend dithers is in bed here coughing for the whole of the UK, and apparently my husband is driving back with a nice gastric bug for us... I can hardly wait! Mary F x

  • Oh dear, poor you x

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