There always has to be at least one! Oh what fuss, wittering and utter nonsense etc!

I have for the last two weeks been entertaining an autoimmune flare, which luckily for me arrived after a most lovely Christmas. and has caused some mild cabin fever due to being cooped up with a lap top and several telephones. This has not prevented me being busy, but my physical energy has been severely compromised. During this time I have also supervised teenage earning power as if directing traffic. All our many Christmas decorations were down well before the twelfth night to ward off doom and bad luck. However last night as I settled in for the count with a film chosen for me, a large and shimmering, violent pink over sized bauble came into view, dangling high off the end of a curtain rail. There always has to be at least one left to irritate me. This the second item spotted.

Early evening, before I had wrapped myself in blankets, like some sort of moth cocoon. I had ventured outside at the height of a small gale and spied a large purple star high up on top of a tree. This was wrenched down with a large stick and coat hanger held together with bungee clips, if not I would have thought about it all night. This did give me the pretext to spy on activities next door. Our old neighbours have moved on, conversation to watch paint drying to has ended, and today feeling a little better I shall venture round to visit the new ones offering brandy laced coffee. The 'do you have a cup of sugar I can borrow notion, is now obsolete'. Also I am feeling very excited about the brandy. We were bought a very large legitimately purchased bottle of finest brandy which has teased us since Christmas due to it's unfortunate wearing of a security tag. Last night he went off into the garage and removed the offensive device with an angle grinder. I have not had a drink since Christmas Day and had been sulking due to my current health situation. Although I should get better with the increase under careful medical management of LDN. So as part of operation liberate brandy, I shall offer the new people a glass later. To help them with the unpacking.

Our own plan to move and be nearer hospitals and civilization, is marching on. Project bland is working perfectly, we can now see with the ambient lights on in the evening as the deeply shocking and rich colours have been beaten back by bland neutral and pastel tones. One more room to do before I re market the property and turn into a vendor induced hyperactive nightmare of activity. Anything even slightly resembling junk has been spirited away leaving my husband with virtually no possessions whatsoever. He has been his usual hilarious and supportive self. Marching into rooms with many tool boxes, at which point he changes the tv channel or the music, raises it by several decibels, and having spread a large variety of tools over the floor, then leaves never to return.

He was also very sweet the other night in bed, when I let out a ferocious hair on end howl in the small hours. I had gone to sleep early with two hot water bottles and extra fluffy covers. Hours later, somewhere in never never land, hovering between deep sleep and being awake. I was shocked into abject horror at 3.30 am with a dawning realization that something warm was leaking around my nether regions and spreading across the bed. Just as I attempted to launch myself at the en suite in steeple chase mode, I realized that one of the hot water bottles had perished and burst underneath me. Five towels later and I was back to sleep having forgotten the whole thing. He moved beds in disgust and appeared in the morning wearing a lady's short frilly pink spotted dressing gown from the spare room and grinning at me with a large tray of tea.

I had to phone Dithers immediately she was delighted to hear my news, and also to share hers. Her project to take over all internet dating sites with her new profile had been floored due to the behaviour of her prehistoric lap top. I regularly stay with her in her top floor flat, and how she has not hurled this monstrous item from her roof garden is a mystery to me. Mind you I normally kick or stamp on failed electrical items. I did find out that she has been in a state of semi hibernation reading a mountain of cookery books in bed and fantasizing about delicious dinners and puddings. Her best en-devours to banish the winter blues started with baking whole Camemberts with garlic, rosemary and maple syrup and then over several days this progressed to various exotic passion fruit roulades, blood orange jellies and exotic meringues with chestnut puree. I am afraid as some sort of enforced convalescence. I am being forced to make a visit early next week to see what is going on in there and to combine this with some meetings in London.

I have actually not told her about my possible arrival, but I will be sending her a copy of my witterings which will send her into a very predictable frenzy called. 'My bedroom is always very tidy it only looks like this when you turn up unexpectedly' She has also threatened to join TUK and respond with tales about me! For the last twenty five years Dither's has been tidying her bedroom, after it is finished it looks like it should do for around twenty five minutes until she needs to find something, then it deconstructs as quickly as you can say... 'Dithers is suffering from acute alarm clock failure and is late for work again'. At this point, every cupboard is opened for paperwork and files and every cupboard and chest of drawers is emptied out in order to find multiple pairs of black tights, which normally turn out to be hanging innocently on a drying rack over the bath and not in there anyway. By the time I arrive it is normally knee deep in Dithers best things and the top of the bed normally sports empty suitcases from under the bed which have also been emptied out with Olympian speed and strength and dithery early morning antics!

After what appeared to be a military operation in her bedroom a seasonable kitchen cupboard upheaval took place where she discovered a large stash of Marmte which has been hidden from me on purpose for a number of years and in fact hidden from herself. I will tell you at this moment in time that many people had been private messaging me inquiring to the welfare and whereabout of Dithers. A more detailed report will be available after next week.

Healthwise, my thryoid medications are still ok and my LDN dose is climbing and at some point it will be split into two doses a morning and evening dose, and my weight still continues, despite my Christmas munch converyorbelt, to go in the right direction. I did not cheat at all with the gluten free and found my way around it and will never go back on it.

Hoping everybody is having a Happy New Year, more from her soon.

MaryF x

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  • Hope you recover from your cabin fever soon and soon to enjoy copious amounts of brandy! X

  • Thank you... unfortunately, not too often! MaryF x

  • As far as the brandy goes save me a glass or three won´t you?! ;) We too have had high winds, but not UK style, and all the tinsel in the tree in the garden had blown everywhere and had managed to garnish one of our free range hens - a real sight to behold. This caused much amusement as our Christmas festivities came to an end for yet another year. I wish you a very happy and healthy new year. Please write some more soon!!!!! xxx

  • Thank you......same to you. love from her in the UK MaryF x

  • ps inspired by you, my chickens are now jealous.. So next year I shall make them some springy halos. MaryF x

  • Ive just had a coughing fit brought on by a fit of the giggles having imagined him indoors in the garage with an angle grinder and a bottle of brandy!! Oh Mary! More please but please warn me so I can have copious amounts of water at the ready!! xx

  • Oh dear.. I am sure there will be more! MaryF x

  • ps: Tiddley Widdley etc. MaryF x

  • Another enjoyable read and am glad your medication is continuing to improve your medical condition.

  • Yes onwards and upwards as most say. MaryF x

  • yet another good 'un , cant get the thought of hubby in a pink frilly nighty with a tea tray out of my mind ---- rascal !!! look forward to dithers passing on tomes of you though ------should make for a good and entertaining read for all of us . glad you had a super festive time just enjoy that glass [ or three ] of the grape .....alan xx

  • Thank you, same to you. MaryF x

  • Despite being in Portugal I still found time to read your blog,wonderful as usual.hope all goes well with the house selling x

  • I should stay there, it sounds like a great idea. MaryF x

  • at least if you did you could have the colour scheme totally suits ALL of your brood [ including yourself ] sound like you love the place ---- other issues can be overcome !!!! LoLv alan xx

  • All the best, now for hot fires and tea, in that order! MaryF x

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