Carry on Camping and too many G&T's

Today, I am hopping on one leg packing the house up for our imminent move. I have snarled up and down the chain at solicitors who feign full stops with the activity and all blame each other, and collective estate agents who I would like to stuff in a barrel of venomous biting snakes and roll down the nearest mountain range. I am extra dreadful today, no sympathy please. I have done it to myself. I got so excited on my camping music and dance holiday that I forgot not to drink endless Gin and Tonics, and last night I awoke with a bit toe resembling something from the Beano, I have given myself Gout. Mind you it did involve ten days of naughty fun with Dithers and and another friend of ours called Phillipa. However from now on I must behave with more ladylike decorum. For starters I can't kick all the annoying boxes anymore. My house is totally foul now, and has been this way since April, when we had a false start with another house. If I sit on another piece of lego or an upturned plug again there will be something resembling the re eruption of Mount Vesuvius. I have been infuriated more times today than humanly possible

As the holiday started, we were a motley crew, off we trundled, a convey involving a huge horsebox loaded with all things modern and enough building equipment to out man any man. My friend Pippa is not one for getting a man in for any situation, and does the work of several blokes at once if necessary. Once we arrived at Glastonbury Festival, and my friend Hairy Legs had forgotten part of his tent frame. Within minutes she had produced some bolt cutters and fashioned something suitable out of wire and coat hangers etc. The horsebox was stuffed with a variety of relatives from age ten up to seventy nine, the back free of horses and instead full of double beds. The front loaded up with suitcases of steaks, sausages and bacon, and cases of gin, wine and other such naughties. as she had heard it was a mainly a vegetarian gathering. Also on board every tool known to man and several types of rope and also generators and chargers. We followed along behind in our car groaning with teenagers pulling a caravan which contained far too many accordions and a large drum kit, plus of course further crates of naughtiness. Various other relatives followed along in rather a sporty looking Mini. My daughter turned vegetarian two weeks ago, and we mainly are, so my car boot was with crammed with nuts, lentils, cheese and things that take a long time to chew etc. Also large bowls of fresh vine tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and crates of peaches.

We only traveled for an hour, we have camped in the same fields for around 11 years now, but still proceeded to go around and around in circles driving the occupants in the horse box made due to the problems of going into reverse. At one point we were asked if we had attended this particular festival in a previous life or recently! Having eventually negotiated winding lanes no wider than our actual vehicle we arrived. As our various cars and vans started shedding junk and our folding caravan popped up, right on cue Dithers rang from the nearest station. My husband rushed off to meet her and she made an entrance Mary Poppins style. A flurry of hilarious hellos, a giant spotty shopping trolley and umbrella and enough luggage to frighten even a seasoned pack horse. Within minutes her artists easel was up and painting commenced.

Our area of the camp was in charge of recycling and immediately a table was set up for unwanted possessions - we have all come home with lots of new trousers, several dresses, coats, flip flops, coffee makers, candles and jars of exotic food. Dithers has many new dresses which all have that floaty perhaps hinting towards exotic flamenco look, and I have acquired some shimmering satin things which can't currently be applied to my person due to my temporarily gin and tonic induced extra fat stomach and my red throbbing toe. A very nice lady who camped with us, was in charge or recycling for 300 people and gave us some very intense lectures on what to do and what to not do, this was said over and over again until we understood how to not go of the boil and pass on the knowledge to others. Any temporary irritation about her traffic warden styled discipline evaporated when I realized that she was passionate about it, very funny and of course right. If I ever have to wash a margarine, hummus or peanut butter container again or sort milk cartons I may have to start a separate forum due to the language which would not be tolerated by Louise Warvill on here!

During most days and evenings lots of music went on, some just played guitars, or in my case I joined several bands either with my violin, or if too tired, a bright yellow tambourine.

I have of course on my return, owned up to my main doctor in London, about how very naughty I have been, as I have an appointment coming up very soon so that I can be told of in person about Gout. I also have had a week of feeling extra muddled. I am used to my husband wandering about in lurid shorts playing wild tunes on an accordion, and can always catch him in the distance both by sound and sight. However my youngest son decided to teach himself the accordion the week before this latest camping expedition and was similarly attired in shorts, sporting a similar walk and playing very like his Dad and often the same tunes, so my head was swiveling in all directions for nearly ten days trying to work out which was which. My mate Pippa had similar confusions but mainly as at times she did not bother to go to bed. I was awoken by her distinctive cackling laugh on a couple of mornings and commented to my husband how early she must have got up, and his reply in a knowing tone - 'actually she has not been to bed yet'. She actually remedied this situation by buying us all ear plugs. A great discovery for me. I normally loath ear plugs, they pop out, or don't work etc. This latest useful present are made of silicone and once in place let no noise in whatsoever. I might wear them at the next village event, having missed the Village Fete worse than death, I may have to attend one last dreadful thing before we move, for nostalgia's sake.

I am as brown as a nut despite the sun cream and did lots of cooking with a large cauldron on the fire, this comes so naturally that broom sticks are really only around the corner again. I particularly enjoyed making endless garlic bread in the fire embers, wrapped in foil. My husband was banned from this activity due to my ferocious temper a few years back. Having been promised a lift to the nearest town to buy things for dinner, I was cooking for nearly 60 people. I eventually set off on a rickety folding bicycle with two balloons attached and arrived back and made a marathon amount of garlic and parsley butter in french sticks wrapped in foil. A friend had been asked to build the fire twice the size and then rake out the embers to enable me to slow cook the bread turning it once in a while. Having set this up perfectly, I then disappeared for a quick shower. He as in my husband, then decided to help, he gathered all the foiled wrapped bread up and proceeded to stack them on the fire as if Bonfire Night itself. I arrived back to lumps of charcoal for everybody which could not be eaten. He of course said it was fine and made a point of eating neat charcoal and then proceeded to vomit violently into my best pink heart shaped bucket all night. This last week my current round of bread making was a success with not a lump of carbon in sight. He was kept at bay and monitored constantly until it was ready.

On a more sensible subject, once I have moved, I shall do another round of Dr Barry diaries, (eventually) and some more Genova Diagnostics to see where I stand on all things Thyroid. I am doing fairly well with the five things and LDN suits me, but an enforced cleanse has commenced.

I promise to be fairly well behaved for the rest of the summer.


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  • I so want to go to Glastonbury once in my life, albeit the camping side of things doesn't appeal! Carbon bread! ;-)

  • I can assure you I am in a nice caravan, cooker, fridge etc and separate bell tents and also awnings as places for shade or from the rain.... I don't rough it any more, far too bad tempered! MaryFx

  • I love Glastonbury but don't camp either x

  • Camping is great, as is Glastonbury, I shall be going for ten days next year! MaryFx

  • Naughty Mary, so hard to behave oneself with so much summer fun. Enjoy the village fete with your new silicon implants!!!!!!

  • Yessssss! MaryFx

  • Nice to know though that it takes 10 days of alcohol induced sleep apnea to bring about an episode of gout. It has been reported that I am capable of snoring at alarming decibels after over indulging.... no gout yet. Thankfully.

    But the main thing is you can't get gout without sleep apnea. But you can have sleep apnea and not get gout. Just not the other way around. So it's a double pain in the ... big toe.... when it does happen. Even good thyroid levels won't preserve us, alas.

    On the (optimistic off chance) are you sure you didn't just kick something by accident in a pleasantly anaesthetized state? I'd hate to find out that you can't be the party animal you truly are without paying these sorts or consequences.

    Boozing in the afternoon and going to bed relatively sober helps. Or relatively not as enebriated..... well, damn, you know what I mean. I think.

  • I did break a toe on he same foot, it maybe just arthritis, but the G&T's may have been part of the down fall. MaryFx

  • Sounds such fun even though I don't camp! Clemmie

  • Yes, I may have had slightly too much fun! MaryFx

  • You can never have too much fun! Clemmie

  • Well as I survey my cartoon big toe this morning, I may slightly disagree! MaryFx

  • I love camping, If I visit people I prefer to stay in my tent than in their houses but no one ever seems to get this... They think I am just being polite... But I really do prefer being outside.

    When we camped for 16 weeks in 2012 ( in all the rain). We decided that if we did it again in bad weather we would take along a tumble drier to warm the tent and dry the clothes.

  • All my children camped by the time they were literally a few weeks old, my daughter first went camping at 4 weeks and did Glastonbury at 8 weeks, I figure if I am ill, may as well be ill in a caravan or tent. MaryFx

  • I've offered people our huge tent to stay in - but no one has ever taken me up on the offer! ;) x

  • How very unsporty of them. MaryFx

  • You shouldn't advertise things like that here Louise!!

    How big is it?.......just imagine if a whole load of Hypothyroid patients took up your offer for a doesn't bear thinking about!!

    PS How do I add Smiley Faces ? ....I'd add 3 x

  • Yes I have booked in already! MaryFx

  • Am now fully booked until Jan 2017!!!!! ;) :) :) :)

    (Remove spaces to achieve pics)

    Emoticon, Text equivalent, Meaning

    :) : ) Smiley or happy face

    :D : d (or : D) Laughing, big grin

    :( : ( Frown, sad

    :'( : ' ( Crying

    :o : o Surprise, shock

    ;) ; ) Wink, smirk

    :p : p Tongue sticking out, cheeky/playful, blowing a raspberry

    :| : |Straight face, no expression, indecision

    :x : x Angry

    8-) 8 - ) For when it's nice and sunny

  • Thanks Louise.......I have to admire all you enthusiastic campers.....something I've not done....sounds a lot of fun.

    Getting too old now ....If I got down on the floor to sleep I'd need all the other campers to get me up again!!

    I'm still struggling with smiley faces ........Is it me....the IPad or the Thyroid??

  • It depends on who is down there on the floor with you. MaryFx

  • Now you've started me off giggling Mary!!...Got any suggestions?Don't forget we're Hypothyroid !!

    My mind's running riot !!!!!..............don't think hubby 'd be much help he's 8 years older than

    me !!.............better just stick to B/B s eh ?

    Good luck with the move x

  • I can assure you I am NEVER short on ideas. MaryFx

  • Could be the ipad...! :( x

  • We arrived on a campsite in an isolated area in France for an overnight stop one year to see another British car there already with a full sized fridge plugged in and just sitting there in all the rain. To say we were fascinated would have been an understatement. True to form I bumped into them at the loo and interviewed them. Not only did they live in the same town as my no longer with us mother, they lived round the corner from her house. Small world.

    We have since discovered quite a few fridges set up outdoors on French campsites. Most of them belonging to caravan owners who store their caravans on sites down there in the sunshine of the south and always under some sort of awning. So if I come across what looks like a tumble drier on a site I'll knock and introduce myself. :-)

  • PAH, I don't even use a tumble dryer at home! MaryFx

  • Do say hello if you see me. :-). We usually take along the ice maker which makes us popular on hot days and at parties..... Actually we have computers, telescopes, bikes and a memory foam mattress too! No wonder it takes us so long to pack......

  • We take pretty much same as you apart from the telescope and the ice maker but the ice makers is definitely worth looking into. We have a smallish camper now so we are softies :-)

  • Well as long as we travel as caravan and horse box all is ok.

  • THAT'S not camping!!! LMAO! LMAO! xx

    We have only recently introduced a fridge rather than an cool bag and icepacks! ;) xx

  • Glad you enjoyed yourselves, sounds such fun. Hope the gout clears up, it's not very nice I can remember my hubby having it last year. Hope you get a moving date soon. x

  • Thanks, I think it is not Gout now, but more likely to be a 'Marching Fracture' which is common in Hughes Syndrome! MaryFx

  • Mary Fx, I love your posts. You have a way with words that always puts a smile on my face even when you say you are being grumpy.

  • Goody, a snigger a day etc, keeps the ahem cough Endocrinologist away. MaryFx

  • Oh pleassssseeeeeee don't promise to be fairly well behaved otherwise we won't get such entertaining blogs in future! :D xxx

  • Don't worry, I am currently snorting at anybody who is offering me wine and sulking in bed with leg up! PAH. MaryF x

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