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Now have results of bloods..can anyone unravel ?

Hi. I have now obtained my last 3 T4 T3 readings from gp. In September I was on 200 levo a day and had been for 9 years. Over months have been dropped to 125 and felt dreadful. Readings as follows: September Serum Free T4 level 22.0

SerumFree T3 level 5.5

November Serum free T4 level 26.4

Serum free T3 level 5.7

January Serum free T4 level 24.7

Serum free T3 level 5.00

Even though the lab report says after the january level that "Current T4 dose seems appropriate I was then reduced further from 150 to 125. Does any of the above figures mean anything to anyone ?

Maddi x

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Hi Lynx. I changed to a different surgery in Septmeber having been wit same doctor for 30 years. Everyhting was stable and I had no problems. New doctor said I should have an "mot"..and as a result she said I was over medicated on Thyroxine. I had had no complaints or adverse symptoms...but sinceshe reduced i in stages to 125 I have been very ill. Fortunately I know senior partner and he is increasing it gradually again. Interestingly the lab report in jnauary says 'currne t dose seems appropiaite" and yet gp reduced it further based on I know not what !!


why on earth would a GP reduce your meds if you were feeling fine? Surely they should treat the patient not the numbers.


I agree. Its been a slippery slope. Started with "lets give you a full MOT as you are a new patient". Its been a nightmare since September last year. I have got my blood tests results now from that time and at beginning of January it stated "current dose seems appropriate"...and yet she reduced it another 25mg as she considered figures still too high. I had no complaints in september and now feeling absolutely dreadful...will be a long haul back i think


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