Feel Crap

Only me again but Im feeling really rubbish and have done for a long time, when I saw the endocrinologist I hoped all this would be sorted but I am still waiting for some blood results surely that dont take 2 weeks when they only take days when done at the Drs. Not sure what I should be doing until these come through. I am tired, getting fatter by the day and blurred vision aching arms and legs pains in my shins and sore feet, always hot, I just feel crap.

I also seem to get really teary lately which I never did before. I dont know whats happening to me its not like me, I usually the strong one, I hate feeling like this. This hypo has alot to answer for in all the time Ive had it (18 years) I have never felt like this.

Its seems as my TSH gets higher my T4 gets lower, also my IBS has been playing up lately and that makes me feel crap ( pardon the pun).

Sorry for moaning but I dont know what else to do.


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  • Hi Tina,These are all symptoms of undertreated Hypo. the most important thing is to have TSH, T4 and Free T3 tested. If tSH high it normally means FT3 needs treatment.On treatment, T4 usually needs to be in top third of range. FT3 near the top. Also you need the other tests ,see TUK site , especially vit D ( hormonal).If still having problems try a different endo but do your research first.

    Best wishes,


  • Sorry forgot to mention also have pa and a vit D deficiency.


  • :( The PA and vitamin D deficiency won't be helping. Are you getting B12 injections? I have found that getting good amounts of B12 and getting my vitamin D up has made quite a difference, but I still feel slightly under-replaced.

    I agree with Jackie that you sound under-replaced. Hopefully you get your results soon so that any problems can be addressed and you can feel better.

    Carolyn x

  • Hi,Tina, Not clear if you are having Vit d. Best on script if possible,It should have been prescribed by the endo.,as really in their remit. You need a calcium test first and calcium must always be in range ( Vit D can make Ca higher ) otherwise no matter what not safe to take vit D ( I am now in this position). Vit D is hormonal and can make a lot of difference. Treatment usually increased, as needed every 3 months after re tests. Even after 9 months ( congrats!) pregnancy can still be effecting your hormones. It takes that long to show in the blood and be at optimum level.I hope you soon feel better.

    Best wishes,


  • In many parts of the country, NHS labs have direct access to medical records and can feed results straight in.

    If that is true in your neck of the woods, results would usually appear in exactly the same length of time whether they were done on behalf of your GP, a consultant, A&E, or anywhere else. If they are the same tests as before, then you should expect them in the same timeframe. Sometimes certain tests do take longer (e.g. typically coeliac tests).

    Further, results (being part of your medical record) can be as easily accessed by your GP as by a consultant.

    If I were you, I would either contact my GP surgery and ask if the results have arrived, and then ask for access. Or contact the consultant's secretary. And if they cannot provide the results, or explain why they are not there, ring every day until you find out.

    Indeed, if that route does not work, ring the laboratory. There is bound to be some number on the hospital website.

  • i have a pregnancy related thyroid problem - i was orginally diagnosed with an overactive thyroid, and now my thyroid has decided to be lazy and i am now classed as underactive. im currently on maternity leave from work as my son is only 9 months old, and over the past few months i have got more and more stressed. like you i am usually the calm one, but i find i lose my temper so easily now, and i have horrendous mood swings - ive found that to overcome this i need to be with people, as it is not as bad when i am with company. i start with anger about something but then it suddenly changes to sadness and upset (usually about the loss of my mum who died over 6 years ago)

    i have symptoms close to yours at the moment with my underactive thyroid ... gaining weight, feeling hot, tired, lethargic, mood swings ...

    hope you get yourself sorted soon

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