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what a load of croc

hello everyone just been to my gp which was a waste of time yet again , anyway told her that i was feeling very nausea and somedays i do vomit and also not everyday loose stools and feeling very light headed and hot sweats ,headaches in the morning lasting all day very angry and teary no patients at all, pains in my stomach and back which come and go very painful but not there all the time told her about my tan as well her reply was

its your menoupause for the hot and cold sweats the pains are caused by irritable bowel lol never had that one before even though she never examined me. My tan is just a normal tan because my salt and kidneys blood test

that i had in june was normal so she said you havent got addisson.

i asked to be referred to the specialist for my thyroid she said we will wait until your appointment with the gyny first because she thinks its the menoupause, my appointment is not until the 12th of this month but thats for a hystorectomy not menoupause ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

anyway i asked for a print out of my thyroid test she gave me this if anyone understands this because i dont,

these are the last 3 blood test

tsh 2-5



I asked her for the t4 she said they only get them results if the tsh is not normal.

im even more frustrated now because even she dont know why im feeling like this i also told her i lost weight she didnt even weigh me she is supposed to check my bp everytime i go because im on hrt she never done that either i think its time to look for another gp if any one has some advice for me it would be appreciated thankyou for letting me have a moan, my poor husband at the moment cant do anything right for me i am being really nasty i have told him i dont mean it but i suppose its so much a person can take .Oh yeah i forgot the gp asked me if i wanted antidepresants for being angry i just laughed at her and said how is that going to help me im spaced out now with nothing i would be even worse with them and two young children to look after I DONT THINK SO.

anyway feeling really sick and light headed im going for a rest catch up with you all soon x

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Hi Dimpledea, Buy at least one book if not more one could be, 'Your Thyroid and how to keep it healthy by Dr Barry Durrant- Peatfields, read it and then decide if you want to remain in the NHS, go privately or solo. The least it gave to me was the confidence to know that I was not going mad.

I think that Doctors truly want to help us - they do not like to see us ill! But, with the restrictions that they are bound by it makes it difficult for them to admit to thinking out of the box and then acting upon that. So perhaps, it is the ones that make the recommendations and the General Council that should be thinking out of the box and enlarging it so that doctors are free to do their jobs more effectively, at least in the area if the thyroid.

Get your confidence back and get the control of your life back.


well from everything iv read lately you would be being treated in most other countries for hypo thyroid...and so would i...but over here those numbers are classified as satisfactory.......mmmmm....well i dont feel satisfactory and it sounds like you dont either.....we dont treat until 10 over here...5 if you have a good doctor ......2.5 in usa switzerland...germany and many others......must be money led because if you are treated for thyroid problems you get free prescriptions.....personally i would rather pay but its the only reason i can think of......


A late friend of mine who had gyne problems went to her Gp and was told it was because she was depressed, however she certainly did have problems and would maybe here today if it had been actioned a year before, go to another Dr thats my advice.

best wishes Helen


I am hypo and for the last 7 weeks have been suffering from nausea and weight loss (but that is probably because I don't have much appetite rare for me). Having researched this there seems to be a connection between being hypo and a nasty bug called helibactor pylori. This lives in the stomach lining of over 50% of the population and is fine but with hypo people there is a higher chance of this becoming active and would cause nausea. My doctor has me on PPI - proton pump inhibitors right now but so far not much of an improvement so I am going to ask to be tested for h.pylori. Maybe worth getting this checked out. If you do note that you shouldn't be taking antibiotics or PPI for at least 2 weeks. I also have BMS burning mouth syndrome which again is linked to this bug. Good luck


I wish I could give you the answer the question you have asked instead of just filling this page up with more complaints I dont know how to read the test results. My only advice to you is to ask to see an Endocrinologist who specialises in the thyroid. They dont know all the answers nobody does but they do know more then the GP if you get a good one. Hope that helps in some way. :)


Hi Dimpledea.My line manager was 3 days away from dying when she was finally taken by her family to see a private doc who immediately took her in his own car straight to hospital.

Her blood pressure was almost flat,she had virtually no salts in her body and she was slipping in and out of consciousness,she looked as if she had been sunning herself constantly because her skin was so dark.

What makes this scenario even more astonishing is that she had been back and forwards to her Gp,hospital clinics and they had decided to treat her for the old favourite depression.She had been going downhill for months and even though she had classic signs and symptoms no one had tested her for Addisons until this private doc had spotted it instantly.

She also has Hashimotos disease just to add some more excitment to her life as the fact that she has one autoimmune condition means you are more at risk of develpoing another.

On the question of your blood tests the current thinking amongst the real thryoid community is that around 1 for the TSh is a better reading and one that should be aimed for.Have you had your antibodies tested because some researchers feel that the prescence of antibodies makes the TSH test even less reliable.

She did get well again once the condition was diagnosed and provided she watches what she does she has got her life back,working full time and even getting married.

The endocrinologist who does her yearly checks cant apologise enough for what happenend to her.

I have hypothyrodism and adrenal fatigue (which isn't recognised in the Uk at the moment as we go from healthy adrenals to either Addisons or Cushings and nothing in between!!!!) and i too take a steroid which made a massive difference to my energy levels and overall sense of wellbeing.This was prescribed by a private doc as he is prepared to think outside the box and he does take cognisance of the Adrenal Stress Saliva Tests that are available privately.

There are also a subset of people who ARE hypothyroid despite NORMAL bloodtests due to the fact that the have a condition called Thyroid Hormone Resistance and it means they cannot convert the T4 which is a storage hormone into T3 the active hormone.

Unfortunatley your Gp probably if aware of this at all will stick to the rubbish TSH test.

Here's a link to the Addisons UK Selfhelp groups stories section

Please keep researching and remember you know your body better than anyone else.

Hope this helps


Thankyou all for your advice which i have taken on board, just like everybody else i will have to plod on and just keep thinking positive so i don t go mad lol.


No... plodding on is a silly idea.... you need proper treatment. Don't just risk your health by believing what you are told by a doctor who doesn't care and is obviously clue less. Why don't you get a saliva test to measure your cortisone output throughout the day? Genova diagnostics. £70. then YOU will know exactly how bad your adrenals are and you then can do something about treatment, whether this is self treating, or by finding a sympathetic doctor, is up to you. However, without tests you are floundering in the dark.



Can I just add that I don't think that it is fair to give advice about expensive tests at this point. I remember feeling agitated that I wanted answers quickly and wanted to get better fast, it is 4 years and 3 months later and I am still not fully better, boy am I more patient with the whole saga though.

My first thought would be that is it really necessary for you to be taking hrt? what time did you have the blood tests? I wasted a lot of money seeing consultants, I don't think an Endocrinologist would be able to help you, they go by your TSH and will go along with your GP.

Can I ask why you think that you have an adrenal problem? Do read up as much as you can and have the following tests done on NHS:- ferritin, folate, vit b12, vit d and sex hormones.

One of the symptoms of hypo is heavy irregular periods, a lady was on the "this morning" programme who was admitted to hospital because her periods were so heavy, they were about to give her a hysterectomy and a doctor noticed that her tsh was sky high, this poor woman was only young and could have been robbed of being able to have children!


Hi, I would demand to see a different GP, that is your legal right within the NHS. Just insist on a blood test with T4 result, I can get a blood test at my GP by just booking a nurse. or go privately and get a blood test somewhere, you need your T4 result to start treating your thyroid.


I feel you need to do more research and don't take notice of some of the things on here, or you would be frightend nearly to death like I have been by some of the answers. just keep going back to the doctors and ask questions and keep reading about thyroid anywhere you can Mary Solom has a good site in still do not have mine right yet and my weight is still going up and i still feel unwell but don't give up i havent ,so good luck and not everyone is going to scare you with information i'm sure its not meant .....


Thankyou everybody for your replys i really appreciate everyones advice x


The only advice I can give is keep trying to get it sorted out. I had to do the same. ~They told me I was suffering from depression. Anyway I am now hypo and getting treatment. Today I had endoscopy for some swelling I keep feeling in my right hand upper side. They saw two places which were inflamed. Dont think it is anything, I hope. Just have to wait now until I hear from my Dr. But as luvvy 64 said, you know your own body, so my advice is to keep at it. I too shouted at one of the Drs I saw. I saw 3 or 4. Best of Luck. Carol


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