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New set of blood test results, seeing Endo on Saturday, any advice?

I've put all the details of my blood tests in my profile. Clearly have an issue with anti-bodies but the rest looks normal. Why am I still feeling so tired and rubbish? My brain is not functioning properly and have a lot of other symptoms still - cold, dry skin and mouth, brittle nails, sore eyes and joints starting to ache (feel like I'm getting worse not better!) Am seeing an Endo on Sat recommended by someone on this site (thank you). Does anyone have any advice, ideas or questions I should ask? Thanks in advance for your support.

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Hi Woodhouse

I think you might have no answers due to your lack of results on your question so I have copied them from your profile and have pasted below.

thyroid tests for me at 10:30 (13 Feb)

TSH 1.1 (0.27-4.2)

FT4 15.1 (12-22)

FT3 5.2 (4-6.8)

TgAb 460.8 (0-115)

TPOAb 225.2 (0-33)

Hopefully someone will now be able to look at the results straight away and give you some feedback, it may have confused people as results are not normally added on to your profile.

Moggie x




Personally I would say that your FT4 and FT3 are too low. Your FT4 isn't even mid-range, the FT3 is just mid-range. Plenty of room for improvement there! It isn't just a question of being 'in range', it's where they fall in the range. They need to be nearer the top.

You don't say if you're on any thyroid hormone replacement, but if you are, the TSH could be lower.

Hugs, Grey


Thanks that's a good perspective I am on 50mg Levothyroxine. This test was done at 10:30 after taking the Levothyroxine in the morning so I guess this might affect results too.


Definitely! It is best to get blood drawn as early as possibly when the TSH is highest and to take your levothyroxine afterwards, otherwise you can get a falsely low TSH and high T4 that doesn't reflect their true state.

It definitely sounds like you could do with an increase, even if it's just a small increase. Do get the other tests too though. You never know...


Hi Yes, I never take thyroid meds in the morning before a test. It does make a huge difference to results. As I keep quoting to my GP, vets have known better for years and always a refuse tests if an animal has had their thyroxine etc that morning.The most important thing about seeing the endo is how you feel , although tests are, of course, useful.She will test ( or ask the GP if you wish) to test for everything relevant. My first visit although previously seeing some one else, I also had tests for adrenals and Pituitary and the 6 hour glucose test. ( that may have been superseeded ( sorry dyslexic!)by the Hb 1ac blood, not well as all the bloods including B12 etc. Best wishes, Saturday. She will sort everything out.



Greygoose has pretty much said it all. The only other things you might want to consider are iron, ferritin, vitamin B12, folate and vitamin D which can all cause similar symptoms and also (it is believed) make it difficult for your cells to use the thyroid hormones. Just because the levels of thyroid hormones in your blood are "normal" doesn't mean that they are getting into your cells and being used.

Carolyn x


Thanks Sounds like a good idea to check those out too.


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