Has anyone tried charcoal tablets or other natural remedies for bloating?

I'm suffering badly with bloating and trapped wind (attractive!). Im wheat and dairy free and don't eat meat, and take probiotics which work well, so no bowel problems. I suspect it's a result of low stomach acid or digestive enzymes and am seeing my thyroid doc in 2 weeks so will ask him. Just wondered if anyone can suggest anything to help in the meantime?

At suggestions grateful received!!

Ps am hypothyroid and have poor adrenal function which I'm being treated for

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  • I considered charcoal at one stage, but read that it pulls out all the good stuff as well as bad from your body. Like you i have malabsorption issues due to hypochlorydia but ignorant GP won't prescribe Creon. So decided not to use it.

  • Funny you should say to, I bought some today but subsequently read up on side effects and decided not to use it. I bout some fennel tea though, which does seem to have helped a bit.

    Did you sort out your stomach acid, are you leaf medicating?

  • Sorry, self medicating!!

  • Hi I have Creon, on a script, after my Faecal Elastise test, very, very low. However my endo did say the same thing can be bought at Holland and Barrat, not a drug so safe. It needs to be taken 20mins before food.


  • Hi Dandelion pills used to be thought the best but make sure you drink plenty of fluid, water best. If thyroid treated correctly it should be OK but otherwise it could be something else as a common symptom.


  • lola, is there a reason that you have not taken digestive enzymes? Dr. Jon Barron believes everyone should take enzymes in order to have access to all the nutrients we take in. He also feels that enzymes taken away from food could break down particles in the bloodstream from leaky gut. But that might be a little radical without some supervision. I know I have difficulty with fat metabolism but you can get several enzymes in one over-the-counter tablet which may help with all categories.

  • Hi there, it's not that I haven't thought of it, I just thought I'd wait until my next appt and discuss with the dr. I had read tat a possible side effect of them is bloating which concerned me! I may well end up taking them though, I'm not averse to anything that helps. I've tried having a wedge of lemon in water before meals and its helped considerably, so hopefully that'll keep me going until my appt.

  • My son had a problem with bloating after he had been in the middle East for a length of time. He tried a total cleanse which helped considerably. But since yours may have more to do with being hypothyroid and slow digestion most likely.....but you might consider that later if nothing else works.

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