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The Needle Fairy

I have a needle fairy - she lives in my bed. I can just be drifting off, having arranged my arms so that they take longer to go numb, and trying to ignore my right leg having a samba by itself, and the left leg bones creeping through the flesh. I have arranged the pillows so I do not feel like I am suffocating, and to try and slow down the reflux. Then the needle fairy comes out to play....

She suddenly stabs the sole of my foot, then the middle of my back. It all goes quiet, apart from the samba changing to a jive, and then she hits me again in my thigh, and quickly moves to my shoulder and sticks the pin in twice. Of course this makes me jump, and rub the affected site, and then there is a few minutes of rearranging pillows, limbs etc. She is strong and must have PMT as she can stab for quite a while, at random,

Anyone else have a needle fairy?

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Yeah, I got one of them. She usually concentrates on the soles of my feet and the top of my head - both extremely painful - but if she goes for my back, it's always just in that bit in the middle, half way up where I can't get at her, and I have to sit up and squirm and contort myself in an effort to make her go away. I think she brings her friends sometimes, too, so that they can attack in different places at the same time: syncronised sticking, I think it's called...



What a relief to realize its not toast crumbs in my bed, So while I am franticly brushing away

at my sheet undernieth my bum...its a bluddy needle fairy who is up to no good...Il get her !!!


That explains a lot!!! She obviously gets around... or perhaps there's a cloning station out there... Aaarggghhhh!


Think I must have her aggravating sister as she keeps me awake half the night too !


Numbness and tingling is a symptom of B12 insufficiency and can worsen to paralysis - you need to get this checked out.



While I am glad I am not alone, I feel for you. The sycronised sticking is so true! I tried eating sprouts at Christmas with the inevitable results under the duvet, but she refused to be gassed to death! I have tried oodles of bath oil, to the extent I had trouble staying in the bed, I was so slippery, but she did not care! I tried wearing a "one sie" but she was quicker than me and got in there somehow, and the lack of "access" gave her free range. I have found she does not attack the bit the hot water bottle is touching, so maybe a full rubber diving suit is the answer....


lol If I find an anti-fairy aerosol or patches you can stick to the sheets full of deadly fairyside, I'll let you know!

Good luck, Grey


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