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A couple of years ago I was sent by my Dr for a blood test as they thought I had thyroid issues, problem is I have a severe needle phobia and it took me a year to go. When I did, they couldn't get any blood and told me to come back in a couple of days, that was 18 months ago and I've not been back. I went to the doctors in January and got new forms as they were so out of date, but still not been. It's not getting ridiculous, my main symptoms are overheating, not in a hot sweaty mess way, but in a too hot to sleep, being tired all the time - although that could be from not sleeping properly. Id' like to get tested but I'm too scared plus I then have the issue of if it's positive I'll have to keep getting retested and I don't think I can do that.

Any advice? For example I keep seeing things about taking your temperature every day but I'm guessing that a doctor wouldn't accept that as proof!

Thank in advance.

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You could try a private finger prick test which uses a lancet, problem with that is doctors often won't accept private test results. Unlikely a doctor will be willing to diagnose and treat without blood tests first. Have you thought about getting some help to get over the phobia.

Thanks. I've been advised to have hypnotherapy but have been told it would be costly as I'd need many sessions. I can't even look at pictures of needles and if there's a tv show or film with needles i can't watch. It's the reason I won't travel to anywhere needing vaccinations or have children.

You could also take a sublingual Ativan (Lorazepam 1mg) half an hour before you get the blood taken. Make sure you have someone with you to get you home afterwards. And make sure you are lying down when the blood is taken. A butterfly canula is much less traumatizing than the usual needles they use.

Yep, my parents come with me (I'm 40 next month) my Aunt was a nurse so she's always come in with me and they use a black butterfly and do it in the back of my hand. I've had a look at hypnosis and am thinking of asking my parents for it as a birthday present.

I've got major amounts of scarring on my 'blood taking' vein, so last time the phlebotomist used the butterfly. Didn't feel a thing. From now on it's butterflies for me.

Unfortunately for me it's not to to with pain, it's the sensation. If I could slice my arm with a razor to get my blood that would be fine. I use numbing cream to try to disguise it,but it's almost like my fear overrules it, same with a vallium I've had before.

Lorazepam is better than valium. Too bad they can't give you laughing gas.

No - doctors wont accept temp as proof. The only way is to get a blood test. If, for a couple of days before drink plenty of water as that helps a lot when blood is drawn.

You could ask GP to give something to allow you not to be so nervous. Tell whoever is taking your blood that you are nervous. Turn your head away so you wont see what's going on as sometimes it's the needle that terrifies us.

It wont be so bad as you may think and if hypo you will have regular blood tests. More importantly you have to be diagnosed as not having thyroid hormones if we do need them can cause other more serious problems. You don't want that.

Also ask the doctor to test your Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate and thyroid antibodies and it can all be done in one blood test. :)

I know this is an old post but just wanted to update you with the fact I managed to have a blood test yesterday, will call the doctors tomorrow to see if the results are in and then hopefully get an appointment on Monday to go through them, I might not have any Thyroid issues but at least I'll know.



Well done, Pbfpunk!

Post your results with the ranges (figures in brackets after the results) in a new question as updates are over looked by most people.

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