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Hi All,

I realise that this might be a 'silly' question but, once you start treating for Adrenal or Thyroid issues, will you have to do this for life?

Also, do people find that over time, their requirments change in terms of what supplements/treatments need to be administered over time i.e. does it decline or improve and less/more/different is needed?

I am currently on Nutri Adrenal Extra as prescribed by a Nutritionist. How long would people anticipate that an individual would be on this for before being taken off/being put on additional/alternative treatment?

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Hi Sandra

No such thing as a silly Question - but people tend to get a better response in the Questions section. ;)

Anyway.... hopefully someone will pick this up from Latest Activity...




I know very little about adrenals but believe support/treatment can be stopped when insufficiency is dealt with and 'stressors' are addressed.

Thyroid treatment is usually lifelong unless it is virally induced subacute thyroiditis like 'de Quervain's' or Graves' gone into remission.

Thyroid meds requirements do change from time to time. Fitness, illness, stress increases &/or alleviation will all impact. Just when everything is stable the manufacturer will alter the product or excipients.

Does your nutritionist do blood draws? If not, and you suspect you have thyroid problems ask your GP for a thyroid function test (TFT) and Thyroid Peroxidase (TPoAb) and Thyroglobulen (TgAb) antibodies.


Yes, I'd like to know how one tells when one's Adrenal glands have perked up sufficiently to stop taking cortisol. I don't think one should take cortisol for extended periods of time?


I once discussed with a private doctor the pro's and cons of taking cortisol and his rationale was that if taken in small physiological doses there is no problem with lifelong use. He also stated that if your body needs it what else can you do. He believes that the adrenals should be treated first then the thyroid if necessary. This made sense to me and that's the route I hope to go down shortly as I've had enough of trying different thyroid meds that make me feel worse. Hope this helps.

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Thanks t3rcam - I am due to see nutritionist imminently. Not sure what her plan is going forward but hopefully the supplements are doing their job.


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