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Starting to take Armour


I just went to my GP today and he actually agreed to prescribe Armour. Amazing!

Anyone got any advice on starting with Armour? Should I stop taking Nutri Thyroid and Adrenal supplements that I've been on for the last 6 months?

Any advice gratefully received.


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Hi If it was me I would say on these. However, I would start the armour slowly with repeat blood tests, TSH T4 and Free T3.

I hope you do well on it.


Start slowly with 1/2 grain a day for two weeks then 1 grain for two weeks until you build up your dose. If you stop your levo then take the equivalent Armour its a huge shock to the system!!

Don't stop your adrenal supplements but I would leave off your nutri-thyroid till you've balanced your Armour dosage. This is a personal observation, its up to you.

Whatever you do don't take your Armour before your blood tests, blood tests only measure whats circulating in the blood, not what is working for you and you will get a high T3 reading. You must urge your doc to ensure a free T3 test along with the TSH and free T4, you will probably get a supressed TSH before too long DO NOT let the doc reduce your meds, you are NOT hyper - supressed TSH is fairly normal when taking any sort of thyroxine replacement.

Go by how you feel not blood test results!!

PinkNinja in reply to Glynisrose

Agree with all of the above. When you get to around 2 - 2 1/2 grains it might be wise to leave 4 - 6 weeks between increases to let things settle down. I am currently on 2 1/2 grains and staying here for 4 weeks before increasing again.

I agree with 'stopping' the nutri thyroid

I have found I could not tolerate half grain increases and had to increase by quarter grain every 2 weeks. I also found I itched when starting but it settled after a few days and comes back briefly each time I increase my dose. Also tended to get a headache and nausea for a few days with each increase but settled more and more quickly each time. As Glynisrose says TSh becomes very suppressed - mine is only 0.05 but foruntately nobody seems too worried about it. Have been reading Dr Starr's book which says any dose over 2 grains will cause a suppressed TSH. Hope it all goes well.

Do as advised and start slowly. Come off the Nutri but CONTINUE with the adrenal support. This is very important. Good Luck.


That's great he is prescribing. This is a link which may be helpful

I am similar to debjs and have had to increase in 1/4 grain increments due to being very sensitive to any changes in meds. I have recently increased from 1.75 grains to 2 grains and am currently experiencing a few side-effects, although these are much less severe than earlier increases gave me.

I would definitely stop the Nutri Thryoid as this is a non-prescription version of Armour anyway. I think it would be worth continuing the Nutri Adrenal but with a view to stopping this and switching to the CT3M when you get onto a reasonable dose of Armour.

Are you on thyroxine and if so what dose? Very impressed with your doctor by the way :) xx

Can anyone tell me if Armour replaces levothyroxine please. Thanks Kath

Yes it provides T4 (thyroxine) and T3 as well. X

Thank you Clarebear - have a great Christmas. Kathx

And you too :) x

Hi anna74, can I ask if Nutri Thyroid and Adrenal are the only thing you take? and how do you find them?

I see you've seen Dr Peatfield, has he suggested you start on Armour?


hi,just wondering did doctor offer to put you on it or did you have to ask and how is he getting it(on a named patient) basis as im in wales and my endo has said they dont do it in this country as its not lisenced,please could you let me know as im getting sick of my endo palming me off with rubbish info and i want to go in next time armed with paperwork, thanks

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